The Bachelor's Nikki Ferris makes shocking sex confession

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She won Australia over with her cute cheerleading uniform and goofy personality on the 2019 season of The Bachelor Australia, and now Nikki Ferris is blowing everyone away with her shocking sex confessions.

The 25-year-old from NSW opened up about her life between the sheets during an X-rated fan Q&A on Instagram on Thursday evening, which included a discussion on flavoured lube and lingerie.

The Bachelor star Nikki Ferris wearing a pink and blue cheerleader's uniform on set
The Bachelor star Nikki Ferris has made a shocking sex confession that involves fainting and CPR. Photo: Channel 10.

But it was Nikki’s response to a particularly bold enquiry that really turned heads. “What’s your weirdest sexual encounter?” one follower asked.

“I fainted and he thought he killed me,” she wrote in reply.

“I woke up to him attempting to give me CPR,” she added along with the crying laughing emoji.

Nikki didn’t spill all the details, deciding to keep the identity of the man and when and where the encounter occurred to herself.


The Bachelor star Nikki Ferris wearing a red lacy corset
Nikki opened up about her 'weirdest sexual encounter'. Photo: Instagram/nikkiferriswheel.

While Nikki failed to find love with astro-Bachie Matt Agnew last year, she appears to have recently coupled up with a podiatrist named Steve.

The pair met through a mini Bachelorette-style dating competition hosted by dessert delivery businesses, Dessert Boxes Australia.

Elsewhere in the Instagram Q&A, Nikki jokingly referred to her new beau as her ‘husband’ and appeared excited about their upcoming date.

The Bachelor stars Nikki Ferris and Elly Miles posing in a living room
Nikki with her fellow Bachie star Elly Miles. Photo: Instagram/nikkiferriswheel.

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