Tequila With Apple Juice Will Mask The Booze But Bring The Hangover

apple juice cocktail with spices
apple juice cocktail with spices - Mindstyle/Getty Images

Using apple juice as a tequila mixer is all the rage on TikTok, but it's not for the faint of heart. Sure, good mixers make hard alcohol easier to take, but the hangover that's bound to ensue is usually not worth it. According to those posting about the trend, apple juice is a powerful mixer that completely masks the taste of tequila. While that may be true, it will have sickly consequences if not consumed with caution. The trick is tasty, and there's no doubt that it works. But the fact that apple juice makes for a nice tequila cocktail is not a new concept.

It may seem like an unlikely duo, but according to each ingredient's flavor profile, it makes total sense. The sweet, slightly tart apple juice covers the blow of tequila's bite, and it's not far off from the citrus fruits that usually pair well. Even apple cider does the job. However, sugary mixers are a sure-fire way to accelerate your level of intoxication and the intensity of your subsequent hangover. That's because it makes it much easier to gulp down more drinks than intended. Partnered with the high number of congener compounds in tequila, the hangover of a DIY apple juice and tequila cocktail will be enough to make you never reach for that apple juice bottle again.

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Go For Cocktails That Complement Tequila Instead

colorful cocktails on wooden table
colorful cocktails on wooden table - Dudits/Getty Images

TikTok user @timthetankofficial gave the apple juice and tequila concoction a try and figured out the potential problem right away, saying, "I can't make this up, I don't taste the tequila at all... Be careful with this one because it will sneak up on you faster than a ninja with night vision goggles."

Rather than simply combining apple juice and tequila, you should turn to well-mixed cocktails that won't make your head pound in the morning. A skinny margarita is one of the best cocktails that won't leave you with a hangover, and it can be made sweet with agave nectar. It's light, low in alcohol percentage, and ideal for that subtle fruity flavor you might be after if you're reaching for apple juice.

For a similar effect, try our classic Paloma cocktail recipe. The grapefruit and lime juice are tangy splashes that balance the spirit's bitter notes. If you're looking for a more subdued tequila flavor, our classic tequila sunrise recipe might be your answer. It's your best bet at softening the tequila taste without total elimination. Any preferred version of a well-mixed cocktail can make tequila taste delicious without compromising alcoholic flavor and, best of all, it can save you from a serious headache or two.

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