Temu changes T&Cs of free cash giveaway after data protection concerns

Temu said that the previous terms and conditions were ‘overly broad’  (Getty)
Temu said that the previous terms and conditions were ‘overly broad’ (Getty)

The online marketplace Temu has changed the terms and conditions of its free cash giveaway, after it came under fire for allowing customers to reveal extensive personal data.

The initial offer from Temu, an app known for selling goods for extremely low prices, gave customers the opportunity to claim £50 as long as they registered, downloaded the app and sent the invitation code to a friend so that they could also sign up.

Social media users were quick to point out the small print, which stated that those who register must consent to the use of their data, including their “photo, name likeness, voice, opinions, statements, biographical information, and/or hometown and state for promotional or advertising purposes in any media worldwide” without being notified when it is used.

When contacted by The Independent about its policy, Temu said that its terms and conditions were standard practice and that there was no reason for it to be “singled out”.

A spokesperson said: “The use of giveaways is common to companies across numerous industries, including competitors like Shein, whose current promotions include nearly identical terms and conditions.

“Temu gathers user information solely for the purpose of delivering our service and to enhance customer experience. We do not sell user information.”

But after the company was approached, it changed its tune. In its updated statement, Temu said: “Some participants in our recent Cash Reward campaign have expressed concern about the promotion’s terms and conditions (T&Cs).

“To reassure our customers, we have tweaked the T&Cs to make it clear that we only ever use username and profile pictures in this promotion for referral functionality and winner announcements.

“The previous terms and conditions were overly broad and inadvertently included promotional uses that Temu does not engage in. Customer trust and satisfaction is at the heart of Temu, and we do not and will not sell customer data.”

Temu’s privacy policy states that it does not “sell” personal data in the traditional sense but does “share” this data with third parties for personalised advertising and enhancing its services.