Tell us: What's your favorite L.A. campground?

Musch Trail Camp, photographed for the best last minute camping POI.
The trail to Musch Trail Camp in Topanga State Park. (Jaclyn Cosgrove / Los Angeles Times)

In late November, I prepared myself for one of the most common pastimes of any nature-loving Californian.

I got up early and trekked a dozen steps over to my laptop, where I quickly logged onto to secure a campsite near Yosemite National Park — for Memorial Day weekend. It's the kind of vacation that requires you to book it six months in advance, when coveted camping spots become available.

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This is the reality of camping in beautiful California. It requires intense planning, often far in advance.

Luckily for those of us in L.A. County, many of the campgrounds in Angeles National Forest are first-come, first-served. That means that if you hop in your car on a Friday afternoon with your cooler, tent and camping gear, there's probably an empty campsite waiting for you.

I recently featured nine of about 30 such campgrounds we have to choose from in L.A. County. I'd love to hear about your favorite spot. Maybe I included it in my list. Maybe you're thankful I didn't. Maybe, just maybe, you're willing to share in the form below.

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This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.