Tell Me The Secret You're Keeping From Your Family That Would Have Them Absolutely Shook

Everyone has their secrets, and sometimes they're so embarrassing or extreme that there's strictly no way any family member can know. But...that doesn't mean you have to keep your secret to yourself. That said, I wanna know the secret you're keeping from your family that would leave them absolutely flabbergasted if they knew.

Maybe you loathe one of your family members and actively try to avoid them at family gatherings, but there's no way you'd ever admit that out loud to them.

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Maybe you're from an extremely religious family, so you refuse to bring up your polyamorous relationship to them.

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Maybe you ended up calling the police on one of your family members and they ended up serving time in jail. To this day, no one knows it was you who made the call.

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Or perhaps you're the only person who knows about an affair that was going on within the family, but no one knows that you know.

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Whatever your secret may be, please feel free to share and get it off your chest. If you want a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post, drop your secrets in the comments, or you can anonymously share using this form!