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Teen accepts dare to call his dad and tell him he’s thankful for him: ‘I’m crying’

A simple round of “Truth or Dare” went viral on TikTok for a delightfully unexpected reason. What began as a harmless prank call by a teen wound up sending a deeply emotional message about love and appreciation, and it’s taken many people by surprise.

An account called @seekrzn uploaded the video. According to its bio, the account aims to inspire others to live a life filled with “passion & purpose.”

In the clip, an unnamed host with a mic walks up to two teen boys in a mall and asks them if they’d like to play Truth or Dare. Both say yes and one of the boys chooses “Dare.”

But if you’re expecting him to get dared to do something embarrassing or walk up to a stranger and say something weird, think again. Instead, he’s asked to simply call his dad — and tell him he’s thankful for him.

For most teenage boys, saying something semi-mushy to a parent on camera might be embarrassing. (Especially if one of your friends is there.) But as we see the boy call his dad’s number, wait for him to answer, and then drop a love bomb on him, it’s clear he has no hesitations about saying the words.

“What’s going on?” his dad asks on speakerphone.

“I just wanted to tell you I’m thankful for you,” the boy says, followed by a brief moment of silence.

“Why — why are you doing that?” his dad asks in confusion.

“Because you do a lot for me, and I never give you anything in return,” the boy replies.

In response, the dad says, “You made my day,” and tells his son that he loves him.

“I love you too, Dad,” the teen answers before hanging up.

The brief exchange may not seem like much, but it instantly hit home for many people on TikTok.

“Love this,” wrote one TikToker. “These simple words had a huge impact.”

“I’m crying,” another said.

“Hopefully the kid just learned how important that was,” someone else pointed out.

Several people said the clip got them unexpectedly emotional and even had them tearing up. A few also applauded the kid for his sincerity and said they hope he never tells his dad he called on a dare.

Many people couldn’t stop thinking about what the dad felt on the other end of that phone line. people couldn’t stop thinking about what the dad was feeling on the other end of that phone line.

“ugh that dads heart stopped you can tell in his voice,” one person wrote.

Another said the dad sounded like he almost broke down, but probably held it together just long enough until he put the phone down.

In fact, a lot of people thought this. “Man you know he cried when they got off the phone,” one person declared.

Others asked for more wholesome content like this to start circulating on TikTok instead of dangerous pranks, epic rants, or fake videos.

“These are the trends that need to happen more,” one man said. “Love seeing that.”

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