Team USA Triumphs at 97th ISDE in Argentina: A Historic Win in Motocross World Trophy 2023

Team USA achieved a remarkable victory at the 97th International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Argentina, with both the World Trophy and Women's World Trophy Teams crowned as champions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Team USA's World Trophy Team secured their first ISDE crown since 2019. Dante Oliveira, Taylor Robert, and Johnny Girroir displayed exceptional performances, with Oliveira winning the final moto and Robert concluding his career on a high note.

  • The U.S. Junior World Trophy Team, led by Mateo Oliveira, Kai Aiello, and Grant Davis, made a commendable push in the final moto, finishing a solid second overall.

  • The Women's World Trophy Team, featuring Brandy Richards, Korie Steede, and Rachel Gutish, showcased consistent excellence, with Richards leading the charge and the team clinching the title for the first time since 2021.

The United States teams emerged as the 2023 World Trophy and Women's World Trophy Champions at the 97th International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in San Juan, Argentina. This prestigious event, known for its gruelling nature and varied terrain, tested the mettle of competitors over six intense days of racing.

The U.S. World Trophy Team, comprising riders Dante Oliveira, Taylor Robert, Johnny Girroir, and Cole Martinez, entered Day 6 with a significant lead. Oliveira, from FMF KTM Factory Racing, spearheaded the team's effort by clinching the final moto win and securing the third position overall for the week.

Taylor Robert, a legend in the ISDE circles, announced his retirement leading up to the 2023 edition. He left the competition on a high, contributing multiple top-three overall times across the Six Days and securing the third position in the E2 Class. His fourth overall in the individual standings was crucial in Team USA's overall success.

The Junior World Trophy Team also put in a commendable performance. Mateo Oliveira, Kai Aiello, and Grant Davis pushed the team to a well-deserved second place.

In the Women's World Trophy category, Team USA, led by the indomitable Brandy Richards, was a force to reckon with. Richards' Day 6 victory was the capstone of a dominant performance throughout the event. Korie Steede and Rachel Gutish played pivotal roles in securing the championship, a first since 2021.