What Is The Wildest Or Rudest Thing A Parent Has Ever Said To You As A Teacher?

While being a teacher can be a rewarding experience, it can also entail meeting and interacting with a few rude or entitled parents or caregivers.

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So, whether you've been a teacher for a short or long time, I want to know: What is the rudest or wildest thing a parent has ever said to you?

For instance, maybe a parent said something incredibly rude not only about your teaching style but also how you talked to their kid — even though it had nothing to do with the conversation you both were having.

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Or perhaps a parent was flirting with you, but you were being professional, and they flipped the switch when they realized things weren't going their way.

Finally, maybe a parent talked ill about you to another teacher, which got back to you, and the gossip was completely false, rude, and hurtful.

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Also, tell us what was going on in the situation and how you felt during and afterward. Did anything end up happening between you and the parent or the parent and the school? Any and all details are welcomed!

If the above resonates with you, and if you feel comfortable sharing, please tell us the rudest or wildest thing a parent has ever said to you as the teacher in the Google Form or the comments to possibly be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.