16 Folks Who Didn't Hold Anything Back, And Admitted Just How Scandalous Dating Within The School System Can Be

Reddit user u/Easyasxy asked the community: "Has anyone ever dated another teacher on their campus?"

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Teachers didn't hold anything back, and revealed their on-the-job dating experiences. Their stories range from super juicy to super romantic, and I honestly can't get enough of them.

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So, here's what it's really like when teachers date each other:

Note: Some submissions were pulled from this Reddit thread by user u/Datesteachergurl.

1."I am currently dating and living with another teacher at the same school. We have been very discreet and professional. All the staff and faculty know because we go out with colleagues for beers. The administration also knows, but is fine with it because we do not even touch while at school. It is VERY difficult not to kiss or hug her at school, but we remember. The students are mostly oblivious, but some of them have figured it out (and have remained discreet on our behalf). Classy — it can work, but you have to keep it ultra-professional, or it won't."


2."Right now, I’m 90% sure there are two teachers at my school who are interested in me. I’ve always believed the phrase 'don't shit where you eat.' Right now nothing is more important to me than my job and my reputation — dating a teacher could ruin all of that, so I keep them at a distance. I’m friendly and cordial at work, but I don’t share too many details about myself (nor do I fraternize)."


3."There was some drama about two of my previous coworkers dating. He got a promotion at another school so he transferred over, and a week or so later, there was suddenly a job position over at that school for the exact same credential that the other teacher had. It was a very specific transfer. It sounds cute, but one of the teachers was/is married, so that's why it was rather controversial and why it left a really bitter taste in some of our mouths for a week or so. The kids put two and two together (being middle schoolers and all), and would ask other teachers about those two (they did that even before they left). We denied it to quash the rumors, but I'm sure it got passed around by someone anyway."


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4."Ugh I tried to/had a huge thing for a coworker, and it did not end well because I built a lot of resentment toward him. It only ends well if it ends up in marriage or a long-term commitment — take a second to think about that. Don't mess around with coworkers unless you see potential, or else you will regret it."


5."School districts are hotbeds of dating, cheating — whatever. I worked in a school district in IT and probably interfaced with every employee and building in the district at one time or another. I could write a book. IMHO, stay away from dating someone in the same school building. We had principals leaving their spouses for teachers in their buildings. One divorced their spouse, she divorced her spouse, they got married, she transferred to another building, they then got divorced. I can go on and on. Don't shit where you eat — many times it doesn't end well."


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6."I have a friend who [dated a teacher]. Because they were discreet, the students and administration didn't know. It was fine for them — but long-term? I don't know because she changed schools. They've been together for three years now."


"My friend did this, too. I was so surprised when she said they were dating. She kept saying, 'You didn't know? He was always in my room.' I just thought they were working on a project or something. Three years later, they're still together and have a baby girl."


7."I have a minor work crush on a teacher now, but I doubt I’d go for it. Our school isn’t that big, and many of the staff are always looking to see what someone else is doing and tattling. I keep my life private, so I’ll just admire them subtly from afar."


8."I briefly dated a coworker, and while on a date, he confessed to me that he was still in love with his ex. So I stopped dating him. I wasn't upset, and it wasn't a fight — I just figured we should not date while he's in love with someone else. One would think this is a normal reaction to someone you are dating telling you they love someone else, but no. That man went to ALL of our coworkers and told them how horrible I was. He created drama every step of the way. It ended up with everyone treating me badly because they thought I broke this guy's heart, when all I did was not get upset that a few dates didn't turn into a lifelong romance."


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9."I dated this really awesome guy — he was teaching at the high school, and I taught at the middle school, but they were on the same campus. We had mutual students. We were discreet, but it was a small community — the teachers, administration, and kids knew. But no one made a big deal about it. Anyway, that was 10 years ago, and we're married with a child now. He eventually decided teaching wasn't for him."


10."I'm currently seeing someone who works at my school (one of our support staff). The kids figured it out after we went on, like, two dates — he came into my room one afternoon for something, but I don't remember what. We barely said anything to each other, and the kids were just, 'Are you and Mr. X dating?!' I dealt with their pestering and teasing all year because of it, lol."


11."When I first graduated college, I started working at a school my friend worked at. I was a teaching assistant, and the teacher I worked with was cute. She broke up with her boyfriend mid-year, I asked her out, and then we started dating. Things got serious. I accepted a full-time teaching position at another school rather than one at the school we both worked at so we could stay together without things being too weird (and having to hide it from staff/parents/students). Now, we are married and are both happily teaching at separate schools. It can work out fine if you are cautious and not looking for a one-night stand."


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12."I have worked at the same school as my wife quite a few times, and each time, it's worked very well. It's nice to have someone to share with when you're home, and it's a bit easier when you're sick and you know that your partner can explain the call-in, what you have planned, and why."


13."My wife taught across the hall, and our first date was the prom. Our admin was all about it, they liked the match, and even came to our wedding. Our students wanted to know everything (we told them very, very little). Every school climate is going to be different, so mileage may vary. But I’m thankful for my school — we taught together there for a few years. I left to go to the district office, she’s now an instructional coach, but we still love that school. Go Jags!"


14."I proposed to my girlfriend last month. We are both teachers, knew each other for seven years, and moreover, we are both teaching the same subject. It is more about how you fit each other and how you both work on your relationship than about gossip at school (like glances or some other BS). You will not see each other too often — it is school, so you will be busy AF. We've dated for two years, and everything works so far."


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15."I started dating a coworker at the beginning of last year. It's not something I would suggest — kids would pester us about it, and it made for a long year."


16.And finally: "I am dating the instructional coach. We both bonded after our divorces, but we were friends beforehand and weren’t attracted to each other. When we started dating, although both of us were single, it became office gossip (funnily enough, we don’t really interact AT work). We work on separate sides of the building now that his office moved last year (not because we are dating…they just reorganized rooms). If you have the 'pot stirrer' person in your organization, expect rumors. There was a rumor we were getting married, which is hilarious given we’re both divorced."

"Most people are supportive now that we are 'open.' I made a pretty bold statement to a gossiper who likes me that, 'If anyone has anything to say that is less than happiness for us, then they don’t deserve my attention.' The 'cattiness' kind of stopped.

I walk a thin line when I recommend people genuinely seeking the guidance of the instructional coach because I don’t want them to think, 'She’s just saying that because he’s her boyfriend' (when in reality, he’s a fantastic coach and a wise man).

I teach in a high school — adults act like teens."


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Let's flip the script a little bit, folks: Have *you* ever dated a coworker at your job and it wound up being super messy? Let us know in the comments below.