Taylor Swift's Favorite Cocktail Is An Elegant Classic

Taylor Swift with ponytail in silver dress
Taylor Swift with ponytail in silver dress - Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Whatever Taylor Swift touches turns to gold, whether she's releasing a new album of irresistible songs or stepping out in a new style. And now, whatever she sips is turning to liquid gold as well. It's no surprise that Swift's favorite cocktail emanates elegance and nostalgia. But Swift is always looking to innovate in her music, so it only makes sense that her go-to cocktail is an updated, innovative take on a classic gin drink.

Swift was seen sipping on a French Blonde, a gin-based drink combined with Lillet Blanc and St-Germain elderflower liqueur, at the end of 2023. The botanical liquors get a sweet-and-sour lift from freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, giving the drink its signature light pink hue. Gin cocktail enthusiasts may be familiar with the light, floral drink, but now, the French Blonde is sure to pop up in bars everywhere for Swifties to imbibe. Elegant cocktail lovers can even enjoy the fancy cocktail at home with a well-stocked home bar or liquor store nearby.

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The Flavor Components Of Swift's Favorite Cocktail

french blonde cocktail
french blonde cocktail - VDB Photos/Shutterstock

If you've never heard of the French Blonde, you're likely familiar with its popular predecessor, the French 75. Here, the lemon juice is swapped out for fresh grapefruit juice -- and there's no bubbly to be found. Instead, Lillet Blanc and St-Germain liqueur step in to sweeten the drink while underpinning the botanical notes from the gin. St-Germain is an elderflower liqueur, which offers a sweet floral taste and overall romantic feel for the drink, perfect for the lovestruck songstress. Citrus bitters round out the French Blonde, balancing the fruity and floral with a dash of brightness.

Gin is the base of the French Blonde, but the other ingredient amounts can be adjusted based on taste preference. If you like your sip a little sweeter, add in more St-Germain or grapefruit juice. Squeezing fresh juice from a grapefruit is best for the freshest, sweetest flavor. You can even use pink grapefruit for a strawberry-blonde twist.

Tasty Pairings For A French Blonde Cocktail

appetizer board
appetizer board - Netrun78/Shutterstock

The French Blonde is light, refreshing, and fun, so serving this cocktail alongside light fare is a no-brainer. It's the perfect substitute for wine if preparing a charcuterie board. This gin-based drink would pair particularly well with fresh, creamy cheeses. A soft goat's milk cheese is one of the best cheeses to pair with gin, with the grassy notes only enhanced by this blossoming drink. Soft cheeses with bloomy rinds are another strong pairing choice, with the creaminess of the cheese coating the mouth and balancing the strong citrus flavors of the French Blonde.

Beyond the board, a French Blonde can be a delightful companion to your main course. Opt for lighter proteins like fish or white meat, or enjoy the drink as Swift did, taking refreshing sips alongside mouthfuls of a plate of pasta. If you'd like to drink elegantly like Swift, a noteworthy American blonde, order a French Blonde at the cocktail bar or try concocting the light floral drink yourself at home.

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