Taylor Swift Shows Up to Watch BF Travis Kelce Play in Super Bowl LVIII

Taylor Swift performs onstage an Eras Tour concert at Tokyo Dome on Feb. 7, 2024, in Tokyo, Japan.

The day we've all been anticipating is finally here—not only *our* Super Bowl, but Super Bowl LVIII, which we've been waiting for with bated breath to see if Taylor Swift would make it to her lucky number 13th Chiefs game of the season.

The clock is still counting down to kickoff at 6:30 pm EST, but we can officially confirm that, just as the Japanese Embassy promised us she could, the touring artist has made it home from Tokyo with enough time to spare to reach Las Vegas, and she looks positively thrilled to be there.

In a video uploaded to X, the "Karma" songstress was seen arriving at Allegiant Stadium with Blake Lively, Ice Spice and Ashley Avignone.

Brother Jason Kelce was also seen greeting Swift with a hug after she and her friends made their way inside.

Jason arrived in Las Vegas earlier this week, where he and Travis recorded their podcast together during a break from the Chiefs' rigorous practice schedule, which kept the tight end from accompanying Swift to the Grammys the weekend prior.

We know Donna Kelce is present, too, as she revealed earlier this week that she expected to be seated in the stands this time around due to the exorbitant costs of a Super Bowl suite. She told Parade that she doesn't mind sitting with the rest of the fans at all, revealing an unexpected pressure that comes with spending the game in a suite, but we wouldn't be surprised if we spot her in one with Swift later on—after all, the two seemed to become fast friends, seen having a blast together several times throughout the season.

Stay tuned in to Parade for the rest of the evening—we'll be keeping you updated on everything else Swelce.

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