Taylor Swift Lookalike Ashley Leechin Finally Addressed Whether She’s Had Cosmetic Surgery To Look Like Taylor

TikToker Ashley Leechin, who rose to popularity for her striking similarity to Taylor Swift, headed to the doctor's office to clarify rumors she's had plastic surgery to look like the global star.

Just for reference: Here's a pic of Taylor Swift.

closeup of taylor on stage with her hair down

I mean, it's uncanny.

Michael Tran / AFP via Getty Images

Ashley met with board-certified celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett and chronicled the "comprehensive physical exam" shared on Dr. Barrett's YouTube channel.

ashley sitting in an exam chair next to the doctor

Ashley kickstarted the video by addressing the claims. "I've been told that I've gotten plastic surgery when I haven't," she said. "I've done Botox, and I've done filler. So those are the main two."

ashley speaking into the camera wearing cat eye eyeliner and red lipstick like taylor swift

She continued, "I've been told a lot that my life does revolve around Taylor, that I cosplay her every day, but I don't feel that I cosplay her every day. I just wear makeup."

  Barrett Plastic Surgery / Via youtube.com

"If she's had any plastic surgery, I'll be able to find it," Dr. Barrett said in the video. "I do all these types of surgeries so I know what the hallmarks are of when people get these surgeries done, even if it's done extremely well. Under a very close examination, we can actually find if there's actually any scars that might suggest that."

the doctor speaking with ashley sitting in the office

First thing Dr. Barrett did was look for "noticeable scars."

barrett looking under ashley's bangs

When Dr. Barrett went on to observe her nose, Ashley noted she did undergo septoplasty, which Dr. Barrett explained is a "sinus surgery" that "opens up the sinuses."

barrett holding up a tablet of ashleys face before septoplasty surgery

Upon further examination, Dr. Barrett nixed whether Ashley had gotten any kind of "rhinoplasty," "cheek implants," "buccal fat removal," or chin surgery. "I don't see any signs of plastic surgery work here, you guys. She admits to a little bit of Botox and a little bit of filler, which is completely common, but in terms of plastic surgery, it's all natural," he confirmed.

barrett examining ashley's eyes

"So yeah, I have never had any plastic surgery. I've never had anyone cut into my face before, but that's not necessarily bad," said Ashley. "I am pro plastic surgery. If you wanna do that and enhance your face or make yourself look more, I mean beautiful in your own eyes, make you more confident, I say go for it."

  Barrett Plastic Surgery / Via youtube.com

Well, there you have it! You can watch the full video here.