Taylor Swift Jokes Her Hair 'Returned to Its Factory Settings' Amid Intense Humidity at Eras Tour Concert

Taylor Swift performs during her Eras Tour at the National Stadium on March 2, 2024, in Singapore.

The old Taylor Swift came to the phone during her second night in Singapore, thanks to the extreme humidity facing the National Stadium in Kallang, the most recent stop for the record-breaking Eras Tour.

In a clip from the concert on the evening of Sunday, March 3, uploaded to X (formerly Twitter) by an update account, as the "Karma" singer stood with her acoustic guitar during the "surprise song" section of the show, she addressed the intense curls in her normally-straight hair, which were reminiscent of the way she used to wear it during her earlier eras.

"As you can see, my hair has returned to its factory settings, thanks to the humidity here," she joked, leading the crowd to burst into laughter. "I'm not complaining, I like it."

"But, I do want to commend you because it's very humid, and you guys have just turned it up 100 percent all night," she added, causing the crowd to scream.

"...And you look so cute, like, why am I sweating so much? And I'm looking at you, and you all look perfect!"

According to concert-goers, the humidity was so bad that Swift's team elected to skip the pyrotechnics usually employed during "Bad Blood," which involves several columns of fire being shot into the air several times throughout the song.

One update account whose operator was present described it as "WAY TOO HOT" in the venue, noting that both Swift and her dancers, as well as members of the crowd, were "drenched in sweat," so we're not surprised by the change!

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