Taylor Swift’s Dad Expertly Answers Question About His Favorite Football Team Amid Daughter’s Romance With Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Scott Swift

It turns out that Taylor Swift's father is just as good at cleverly answering press questions as the Grammy-winning singer.

Scott Swift skillfully commented on his favorite football team in the wake of Swift's blooming romance with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce when he was asked a question by paparazzi at the airport.

After landing at LAX in Los Angeles, Swift's father was asked if he liked the Chiefs before Swift started dating Kelce, as reported by Page Six, with the 71-year-old smoothly replying, "I’m a football fan — of all teams."

As a Pennsylvania native, he is known to be a devoted fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, which also happens to be Kelce's brother Jason's team. But Scott has recently come out to support his daughter's boyfriend's team, leading some to question if his favorite team has changed.

After expertly avoiding the question, the Swift patriarch also shared an interesting tidbit, noting that "Andy Reid used to coach the Eagles," referring to the Chiefs' current head coach.

The "Anti-Hero" singer even met Reid when she was a lot younger, as her father connected with the coach while he was with the Eagles, something Reid teased Kelce about.

Swift's family generally stays out of the public eye when possible, though they consistently support the singer at concerts and other events. Most recently, Scott extended that support to Kelce as well, attending a Chiefs football game where he appeared to have a good time by Swift's side in the suite.

The 34-year-old's father and mother, Andrea, as well as her brother Austin, all also came to the Christmas Day game to watch the Chiefs play the Las Vegas Raiders, where they officially met Kelce's parents for the first time. With any luck, Swift's family will be in the stands for more Chiefs games next season.

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