Taurus Daily Horoscope – January 27 2020

Welcome to the new week!

You can read my Cosmic Column which is all about the overall energies for the week here.

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There is a super romantic vibe today as the planet of love and abundance, Venus, meets Neptune, the planet of dreams and romance. However before you float off onto Cloud 9, it should be said that Neptune is also the planet of confusion and disappointment. So if you’re entangled with someone or something which is not really on the level, then you need to take care! Here’s a reminder of where Neptune is for you…

All about numinous Neptune in your chart…

As a TAURUS, you can expect to attract more spiritual friends into your life now – and hopefully you think that sounds like a good thing and not something that makes you run in the other direction for fear of having your life invaded by patchouli and mung beans! Seriously, anyone wearing white and saying Omm is going to be far more attractive to you now than before. Just be careful of the people you think you can’t trust (no matter if they’re allegedly the spiritual type or not). Just remember it takes all sorts. If someone looks and smells like a shyster, they might well be!

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