Taurus Daily Horoscope – 29 March 2024

Recently we had the Full Moon eclipse in Libra – and we are now headed for a New Moon eclipse in Aries, which will mean something different for everyone. The eclipses are all about getting us all back on track. It’s amazing how far we can drift off, have you noticed?

For you, the recent Full Moon eclipse was about finding the fine line between: having faith that life will work out well, while still putting in the effort that’s needed to keep the daily wheels grinding along!

Reflect on recent experiences and the valuable lessons they’ve imparted. Acknowledge any progress made in restoring equilibrium. Consider your next steps with gratitude and insight. Despite the challenges, trust in your ability to navigate forward.

If you want to get ready to make some dreams come true at the New Moon eclipse you need to release any negative energy now – here’s how!

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