Tattoo artist astounds clients by singing during appointments

An Italian tattoo artist has gained millions of views on TikTok for a series where he sings to clients.

Speaking to The Independent, Alessandro Capozzi explains why he does this, and some of the “baffling” experiences he has had as the singing tatoo artist.

Capozzi, under the username @alessandro_capozzi on the platform, plays on the awkwardness of being a singing tattoo artist, calling his TikTok series, “What would you do if your tattoo artist did this?”

In these videos, Capozzi appears to never let his clients know beforehand what he’s about to do, so is never sure of what their reaction will be.

Capozzi explains that he dreams of becoming a professional singer, so as amusing as the videos are he does find this the perfect time to practice.

In addition, he said in a statement to The Independent that he also views it as a way to help him concentrate on his art and distract clients from the pain that comes with a tattoo. "It helps me go through extremely long hours and always helped my concentration process,” Capozzi said. He added that the music helps him enter a “flow state” and will hold his breath when working with smaller details.

Capozzi said this is a concept he’s been doing since he began as a tattoo artist at 19 years old. He’ll often sing during the entire appointment which although can surprise the clients, he said he’s never received an in-person complaint. “It always distracts them from the pain,” the tattoo artist said.

In some cases Capozzi’s singing has even made his clients cry. In one of his TikTok’s posted on 3 September, a man was getting a tattoo in honour of his cat. He was singing the song “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi. The man suddenly asked Capozzi for a tissue saying, “Your voice is amazing,” to the tattoo artist. “This is a very special moment.”

“I was baffled,” he told The Independent of the experience. “And I thought ‘What am I doing? I need to finally pursue this dream of mine and find time for it.’ This year is the year.”

Commenters were in awe of Capozzi’s voice and expressed how much they loved it in the now eight part series. “Wow, so talented, amazing voice, you need a record deaI would pay to see you in concert,” one commenter wrote.

“You have a beautiful voice,” another commenter agreed. “The next time I’m in Rome, I’m coming to get a tattoo just so I can hear your voice.”

Before becoming a viral tattoo artist, Capozzi explained that his big break happened after being discovered by Scooter Braun on Instagram. Currently he is working on expanding his singing career as he is working on an EP and Single.

“If I am able to become a famous singer after fulfilling the dream of becoming a famous tattoo artist…I would be able to show everybody how EVERYTHING is possible,” he said.