We Tasted And Ranked 8 Frozen Ravioli Brands

Bags of frozen ravioli
Bags of frozen ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

While my paternal great-grandmother would be ashamed of me for saying so (and for using frozen Italian food at all), some of us just don't have the time or skill to whip up fresh homemade pasta and sauce each day. We rely on the frozen food aisle to help us with this plight, which is why I sought out an array of frozen ravioli to see which brand offers the best-tasting option. Are there any brands out there that can wow someone with the last name Carnevale, or is fresh the only way to go?

To answer this question, I found eight frozen ravioli options that seem to be stars of the freezer aisle and put my taste buds to work. From flavor to texture, I sought out the best of the best; check the end of the article for more info on my methodology. Here they all are, ranked from worst to first. Sorry, Nana — some of these brands were so good, they had me singing "That's Amore" and Sinatra by the time I was done.

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8. 365 Organic Four Cheese Ravioli

365 organic frozen raviolis
365 organic frozen raviolis - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

Last on this list is the 365 brand from Whole Foods. I tried the grocery chain's organic four-cheese ravioli and was deeply disappointed with what I found.

First, this ravioli was on the smaller side, offering an easier bite but also a way less filling one. There was hardly anything packed into the dough, and what I did find was less than lackluster. To be frank, these tasted like nothing — absolutely nothing. The pasta was completely devoid of flavor, as was the ricotta filling, and the whole thing leaned watery. Ringing in at $8.79 a bag, this felt like theft.

I would never eat these again, no matter how much better they are for you with their organic ingredient list. This one was a hard no — one of the hardest nos I've ever ranked last on a list, in fact. Nana Carnevale is rolling in her grave, and I don't blame her.

7. Wegmans Cheese Ravioli

Wegmans Cheese Ravioli
Wegmans Cheese Ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

Another grocery store brand comes next on this list, with Wegmans' version of cheese ravioli. Wegmans is a popular grocery chain known for its extensive selection of high-quality products and exceptional customer service. It put its hat in the ring with medium-sized ravioli in a 1-pound bag. Notably, the price was way less than its competitors, at under $4.00 a bag.

In the grand scheme of frozen pasta, these were fine. They cooked up fast, and the flavor profile offered a good combination of ricotta and romano cheeses. Unfortunately, the ravioli retained a lot of water which diluted the depth of their flavor. The taste that was present leaned savory, which would do well with a sauce that leaned the same way.

Wegmans' cheese ravioli weren't anything special, but they definitely weren't bad. If you have a Wegmans near you and need a cheap ravioli option, it can't hurt to give these a go. As for me, I'll keep looking.

6. Priano Cheese Ravioli

Priano frozen ravioli
Priano frozen ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

Ranking sixth is Aldi's Priano pasta brand, which features a ravioli with fresh ricotta and romano cheese, along with a mix of seasonings. This ravioli was kind of small, but there was a lot of filling inside, which made up for their size.

Taking my first bite, I tasted hints of the ricotta and the seasoning, but there wasn't one flavor that stood out above the rest. The package showcased black pepper and parsley, along with an array of other cheeses, such as asiago and parmesan. This brand was able to find harmony within these disparate elements, unlike some of the other options on this list.

Overall, Priano offered a decent ravioli. I think they would do well in sweet or savory sauces. These get a "fine" in my book, mostly because of the flavor that was present. But really, these are nothing special — they're just a good ravioli for a low price. At $3.99 a bag, these are definitely worth a try if you have an Aldi near you.

5. Signature Select Five Cheese Ravioli

Signature Select ravioli
Signature Select ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

Making its way further down the list than I expected was the Signature Select brand and its five-cheese ravioli. Offering a mix of ricotta, asiago, parmesan, mozzarella, and romano cheeses, these were the first ravioli to give me a real flavor profile. However, there was a little too much flavor for my palate.

This medium-sized pasta was a miss in a lot of ways. While I could taste the mixture of cheeses, one stuck out, and not in a good way. The other cheeses played well together, but the sharpness of the asiago, which I do like, just didn't work in tandem with these milder cheeses. That imbalance of flavor made me want to stop eating. For that reason, I don't think you'd want to pair these with just any sauce. Thoughtful consideration should be taken to ensure a balanced bite.

At the end of the day, Signature Select offered a flavorful experience, one I believe many would like. However, I think there are more harmonious flavor profiles on this list. In a pinch, though, these will do just fine, especially if you're looking for something that doesn't scream "store-bought flavor."

4. Market Pantry Cheese Ravioli

Market Pantry Cheese Ravioli
Market Pantry Cheese Ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

Up next is Target's Market Pantry brand, featuring a medium-sized cheese ravioli with ricotta, asiago, Pecorino Romano, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses. Clearly, there's a lot of cheese to be had with this option. However, just like Signature Select's ravioli, there might just be a thing as too much cheese — something I never thought I would say. The asiago cheese took over, causing these to taste very similar to the fifth-place option. But Market Pantry's flavor profile was still more balanced overall. The cheese taste wasn't as harsh, and it didn't linger in the aftertaste.

Target's ravioli wasn't bad by any means, and did feature a more balanced cheese approach than some of the other brands', but take its sharper cheese profile into account when you select your sauce pairing. For under $5.00 a bag, this is a solid ravioli option that won't leave you wanting more from the filling. You get big flavor here for a small price.

3. Mama Rosie's Original Cheese Ravioli

Mama Rosie's ravioli
Mama Rosie's ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

In third place, we have Mama Rosie's Original Cheese Ravioli, filled with ricotta and Pecorino Romano cheese. This ravioli option was medium-sized and featured a very traditional approach. Eating it somehow felt like home.

While Mama Rosie's ravioli wasn't necessarily innovative or mind-blowing, they were on point. The pecorino gave the filling a nice salty touch at the end of the flavor profile, but it didn't overpower the palate or the bite. They had the right amount of flavor, and there was a good amount of filling, too.

Overall, Mama Rosie's was a solid ravioli with great texture and good flavor, one that screams "quintessential ravioli." You won't get anything fancy or any unnecessary frills, as Mama Rosie's is all business, but what more do you need from a store-bought pasta? For a frozen option at $6.00 a bag, this one is gold. I recommend you try it and see for yourself.

2. Celentano Cheese Ravioli

Celentano Cheese Ravioli
Celentano Cheese Ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

Celentano Cheese Ravioli, which place second on this ultimate ranking of frozen ravioli, featured the largest pasta option and a uniquely circular shape. You really get your money's worth with this one, especially at $8.49 a bag.

Right off the bat, the flavor was clearly different than the rest — these didn't taste like your typical frozen ravioli. The ricotta really stood out in the best way possible. It was creamy and a little sweet, which was a nice departure from the rest of the pack, which mostly leaned bland or savory. The pasta cooked well, and it paired nicely with sweet and savory sauces.

The final verdict: These tasted great and seemed quite versatile. While there were some other solid contenders on this list, there was just something different about Celentano. Even though the price tag was on the high end, they were worth the cost. In this pasta game, you can definitely put a price on flavor, and if that's what you seek, grab a bag of Celentano.

1. Louisa Four Cheese Ravioli

Louisa Four Cheese Ravioli
Louisa Four Cheese Ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

I am telling you right now, nothing compared to my number one pick: Louisa Four Cheese Ravioli. These were absolutely delicious in every way! The pasta was medium-sized and featured ricotta, provolone, parmesan, and romano cheeses. They worked incredibly well together and were the star of the show by far.

There was a perfect balance of cheeses in this ravioli, all complementing each other. The overall flavor profile leaned sharp and salty, and I truly think it's because of the addition of the provolone, something I didn't see anywhere else. The pasta itself was sturdy, which meant no water getting trapped within. They cooked up quickly with no issues to report. These really were the perfect bite.

I know Nana is upset with my choices, but when it comes to frozen ravioli, Louisa is the winner. I will never buy another frozen ravioli option again if I can help it; that's how good this ravioli was. If you take nothing else away from this ranking, take the name Louisa. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Bags of frozen ravioli
Bags of frozen ravioli - Jenn Carnevale / Daily Meal

For this taste test, I sought out as many frozen ravioli brands as I could find, purchased them at my local stores, and taste-tested them all side-by-side. My main focus was the flavor profile, but I also observed quality and texture. Overall, it came down to the array of cheeses present and how those cheeses worked together to form a cohesive flavor profile. If the flavor was missing or was out of balance, to the end of the list they went!

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