Get A Taste Of Meteorite Vodka With The Latest Release From Pegasus Distillerie

Pegasus Distillerie Shooting Star Vodka
Pegasus Distillerie Shooting Star Vodka - Pegasus Distillerie

Even people who love sipping alcohol understand that tasting notes can sometimes get a little silly, but what if someone told you that your vodka tasted like a meteorite? And what if that person was actually telling the truth? Eye-catching ingredients and unique flavored vodkas (that often don't stick around) have become a big trend in the last decade with the promise of online virality and the endless churn of food culture producing liquors as self-consciously strange as a collaboration between Empirical and Doritos or a bottle of vodka with a full-on scorpion suspended in it. There have even been some space-flavored vodkas produced before — The aptly named brand Outer Space Vodka filters its liquor through a meteorite that is supposedly 4 billion years old. But now, France's Pegasus Distillerie is attempting to bring an air of luxury legitimacy to the game with a new vodka that is actually made with a meteorite from the get-go.

According to a press release from the company, Pegasus Distillerie's brand-new spirit is called Shooting Star Vodka, which it calls an "Ultra-Premium vodka enriched with minerals from an unexpected, out-of-this-world ingredient." The ingredient is indeed a meteorite, but unlike brands that say they are meteorite-filtered, Pegasus makes Shooting Star by aging its vodka in a terracotta amphora from Italy for at least a full year with the space rock suspended in the still the entire time.

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Pegasus Distillerie's Shooting Star Vodka Is Aged With A Real Meteorite

night sky with shooting star
night sky with shooting star - 4kodiak/Getty Images

In the press release, Maxime Girardin, the brand's founder and master distiller, says, "We draw inspiration from the starry sky and are guided by an unwavering commitment to quality," which includes using organic, local ingredients. While a meteorite may not exactly be "local," it's hard to imagine anything more organic than something that floated untouched in space for years. Pegasus is a little vague about the tasting notes, writing on its website that the meteorite ends up "imparting an extraordinary flavor and structure to the vodka, resulting from the infusion of chondrite, a mineral unique to meteorites."

Pegasus Distillerie has not revealed the release date of Shooting Star Vodka or the price, only that it will be released as part of the brand's arrival in the United States this year alongside other products like its flagship vodka and Orion Gin. The brand will be rolling out its line in New York, California, and Florida to start.

Maybe the best vodka cocktail to try out the flavor profile of a unique liquor like this is a martini, but you could also keep the space theme going by making a cosmonaut, which mixes 1½ ounces of vodka with an ounce of lime juice, a ½ ounce of ginger liqueur, and a dash of cardamom bitters. The minerality also sounds nice in a vodka-swapped Tom Collins, but we'll all have to wait for the final release to taste this unique drink.

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