Tarek El Moussa Finally Breaks Silence on What Ultimately Led to Christina Hall Divorce

Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall

Tarek El Moussa officially addressed the incident that ultimately led to his divorce from Christina Hall.

The HGTV personality opened up about the end of his relationship with his now ex-wife in his upcoming memoir Flip Your Life: How to Find Opportunity in Distress — in Real Estate, Business and Life, which is set to hit shelves on Tuesday, Feb. 6, and in a subsequent interview with People.

The former Flip or Flop co-stars publicly confirmed they were headed towards divorce in Dec. 2016, months after the two first separated following a "blowup" argument they had.

According to the outlet, the former spouses—who were married for seven years—still don't agree on the reason for El Moussa's decision to "hop over the fence" in their Yorba Linda backyard with a gun.

El Moussa, 42, said he was just looking to get some exercise in the neighboring Chino Hills State Park, which is home to various predators like bobcats and mountain lions, so he brought along his .38-caliber pistol, which he said he received a concealed carry permit for in the weeks prior, calling it an "insurance policy."

He remembered that while scouting the trails, a helicopter appeared overhead, and, at first, he thought it was called in for a potential wildfire. However, he quickly realized that wasn't the case.

"A police officer leaning out of the helicopter pointed a rifle at me. Dust swirled around me from the spin of the blades, and a loudspeaker crackled, 'Get your hands in the air!'" he explained in the book, per People.

His recollection of the events included an awkward encounter with police, who El Moussa said recognized him from TV, and sitting on a cooler in his driveway handcuffed. "That was the very last time we were together as a family: with Christina walking down the driveway, crying, and me sitting there in handcuffs, asking myself, What in the world is going on?" he described.

The scary situation he found himself in appeared to be the final straw in the couple's relationship, as he recalled to the outlet that the weeks following were "physical and emotional hell" as he withdrew from the testosterone he had been taking and struggled with alcohol until he eventually checked into rehab.

Even after leaving the facility and moving into what he has previously described as a "halfway house," El Moussa still didn't believe it was the end of his relationship and that he would eventually "reunite" with Hall and their kids. He later realized that wasn't the case “when I found out that she had moved on.”

“I hold nothing against Christina," he shared. "I understand why she did what she did. We had a lot of hard years through my sicknesses and my mental health struggles from the testosterone.”

“I've never said any of this, ever,” El Moussa admitted.

Years after the frightening ordeal, he's also moved on and remarried, describing the former couple's relationship as "better than it's been ever since the separation. We all communicate well, even [Tarek’s wife] Heather [El Moussa] and Christina. We really focus on the kids."

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