Tara slams Sam's ex Sophie Monk: 'She owes him an apology'

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It’s finale night in Paradise and the drama is next level amazing.

While it’s unclear who is actually proposing, we’re secretly hoping it’s our favourite couple Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic.

If so we say forget the royal wedding, the real wedding of the year is coming.

Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic are the most popular couple to come out of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. Are there wedding bells in their future? Source: Network Ten

If wedding bells are truly happening, Tara and Sam’s guest list would surely include many of the Bachelor franchise alum – but one ‘ex’ will NOT be on the guest list, according to TV Week.

“She owes him an apology,” Tara told the mag, referring to Bachelorette Sophie Monk.

Sam vied for Sophie Monk’s heart in the Bachelorette 2017. After he was sent packing, he told Australia that Stu and Sophie’s relationship was “fake” and she came back and said he was always performing for the cameras. Source: Network Ten

“Sophie slammed Sam in a public forum. She called him a ‘performer’ and that’s not fair,” Tara continued.

“Everyone assumed he was this awful person. The repercussions were hurtful,” she said, in full on defence mode. “But the more he opened up to me, the more attracted to him I became.”

When Sophie sent Sam packing, the 31-year-old said in an interview that her relationship with Stu Laundy was “fake”.

Then, in an interview with Kyle and Jackie O, Sophie took aim right back at him.

“It’s always a performance for the camera, this guy,” she said. “I realised he’s there because he wants to be a star.”

He may have been performing for Sophie but his love for Tara is the real deal.

In an exclusive chat with Be, Simone Ormesher said that “STARA” were very much still together.

“I think it’s quite obvious that Sam and Tara are still together,” Simone said. “They’re the best couple ever!”

Sam and Tara have found love in Paradise. Source: Network Ten

Can you imagine their wedding???

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