Tammy Hembrow backtracks after risqué bushfire post is ridiculed

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Australian influencer Tammy Hembrow has pledged $22,833 to Wildlife Rescue South Coast, after she faced backlash from a risqué photo she used to promote her fundraiser. 

The 25-year-old mum-of-two’s clothing line, Saski Collection, announced on Tuesday that 100% of all proceeds over the following 24 hours would be donated to charity. 

Tammy Hembrow has donated over $22,000 to Wildlife Rescue South Coast. Photo: Instagram/ Tammy Hembrow

And on Tuesday, the company said they were “so proud to be donating $22,833.00” directly to support Australian wildlife affected by the fires on the South Coast. 

The news came one day after Tammy raised eyebrows with a risqué shot she posted to Instagram to announce the fundraiser. 

Tammy uploaded an image of herself wearing a wet T-shirt while braless on a luxury yacht alongside the caption: “Saski Collection 100% profits today are going to emergency relief for the Australian bushfires.”

Tammy Hembrow came under fire for posting this photo as her bushfire fundraising effort. Picture: Instagram/Tammy Hembrow

After fans flooded the influencer’s account with negative comments, it’s believed she deactivated her Instagram.

It is now back up and running and it seems like the original post has been swapped out for one of smoke in the clouds. 

100% of proceeds from Tammy's Saski Collection over the course of 24 hours were donated to the bushfire relief fund. Photo: Instagram/Tammy Hembrow

Tammy’s dating confession

Tammy took to her podcast Hanging With The Hembrows on Monday to reveal that she’s been asked out by a whole sport team.

“I swear to god, every single athlete in the world has slipped into my DMs,” Tammy said. 

She went on to read out examples of messages she gets on Instagram and after reading one that said: “Are you still with yours? Asking for a friend,” Tammy revealed it wasn’t just that unnamed sports star who had slid into her DMs. 

Tammy faced backlash after using a wet T-shirt photo to promote the fundraiser. Photo: Instagram/Tammy Hembrow

“Everyone who’s on that whole team has messaged me,” she said. 

“If it’s a guy who I think is super hot and cool, I might reply and let them take me on a date.”

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