Tammy Hembrow shares incredible booty transformation

Fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow has shared an incredible transformation photo online showing how much she has been able to grow and shape her insta-famous booty over the years.

The mum-of-two from the Gold Coast has built a multimillion-dollar fitness and clothing empire, regularly sharing her tips, tricks, and photos of her trim physique with her 12M followers on social media.

tammy hembrow booty transformation
Tammy Hembrow shared three comparisons during her fitness journey. Photo: Instagram/tammyhembrow

"3 different stages in my fitness journey over the years," Tammy captioned the side-by-side, which shows how much her booty and lower body has grown.

"Is it possible to build a [peach] in the gym?? YESSS IT IS & don’t let anyone tell u different," her post continued.

"Work hard, fuel your body with lots of good food, & you really can make HUGE changes."


Tammy, who owns athleisure clothing range Saski Collection, previously told Yahoo Lifestyle she works out between three to five times a week, depending on what her schedule is like.

Her transformation photo received thousands of comments, and while some people continue to call out the star claiming her body shape is "fake", many other fans praised Tammy for her progress.

"Omg this gives me hope," one person commented.

“Slow and steady wins the race,” another said.

While a third defended the star: "WHEN THE THIGHS GROW WITH IT THE WHOLE TIME. That’s when you know it's real."

tammy hembrow bikini
Tammy regularly shows off her toned figure on her Instagram. Photo: Instagram/tammyhembrow
Tammy shared this before and after photo, showing her bum in 2017 versus today. Photo: Supplied
Tammy shared this before and after photo, showing her bum in 2017 versus today. Photo: Supplied

During the coronavirus lockdowns in 2020, Tammy shared some of her fitness secrets when she released the At-Home Booty V2 Workout via her fitness app, Tammy Fit.

"I get so many DMs asking how to target your side booty – so have added a workout completely focussed on that area. I’m really excited about this program," she told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time.

Tammy recommends people who want to work out their booty should be making sure they’re “eating enough, pushing yourself with your weights and being consistent”.

“If you want to grow your booty you definitely need to be in a calorie surplus to gain muscle, these calories should come from clean nutritious ingredients like lean protein, complex carbs and green leafy veg. Pushing yourself with your weights also is going to create curves. You need to be lifting as heavy as you can,” she said.

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