This Taco Bell Ordering Hack Feeds Your Whole Family for $12

It's the best kept secret on TB's menu.

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

With increased prices on everything these days (especially food), it's no wonder people are looking for cheaper ways to feed their families.

Luckily, we've been seeing some of our go-to fast-food chains adapt to their customers' needs. McDonald's recently started quietly featuring family-friendly Shareables, or "dinner boxes," as they are known online, complete with chicken nuggets, fries, and cheeseburgers for an affordable price. Texas Roadhouse and Cracker Barrel also have family meals that stretch the dollar and give you a large amount of food.

We recently discovered that Taco Bell also offers group boxes, perfect for a family or friend crew.

Taco Bell’s Family-Friendly Party Packs

You may be familiar with Taco Bell's menu, but you're missing out if you haven't checked out the party packs. Here, you'll find exclusive offerings (some only available online) that feed a group for less.

The Meal for 2 option will get you a Crunchwrap Supreme, Bean Burrito, Soft Taco, and chips and nacho cheese sauce for $12.50, while the Meal for 4 will give you two of each, swapping out the Bean Burrito for a Chicken Quesadilla and costing just $20.83.

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Taco Bell

Other stand-out offerings include the Taco & Burrito Cravings Pack for $12.99, loaded with four Crunchy Tacos and four Beefy 5-Layer Burritos. The Variety Taco Party Pack for $22.99 will give you six Crunchy Tacos and six Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos.

Taco Bell's website states that these party packs or group meals "are designed to make ordering for group occasions simple" by allowing you to "choose from a variety of fast food options to feed your crew."

You can find all these offerings on Taco Bell's website or in person at a participating location. Keep in mind that some of the party packs are only offered online, so double-check before ordering.

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