A Taco Bell Exec Orders This “Life-Changing” Combo Every Other Day

Now you can try it, too.

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Fast food companies create catchy jingles and splashy ad campaigns to get the word out about their latest products and new deals on menu items, but sometimes the best advertisement of all is finding out what the people behind the brand themselves like to order. 

Taco Bell’s Chief Marketing Officer is (not surprisingly) a big fan of the company’s tacos and quesadillas, even describing the food at the popular fast food chain “life-changing.”

Taylor Montgomery, who has worked at the franchise for more than eight years, shares that he regularly eats Taco Bell as a part of his daily routine. How often does he get a serving from the Bell? “Every other day.”

Here's What Taco Bell Execs Order

At Live Más LIVE, the company’s first-ever superfan convention, the CMO said he is a loyal devotee of the chain’s menu and places the same order every time.

“Two to three crunchy tacos—not supreme, just regular crunchy tacos. And a bean burrito with extra onions, grilled," shared Montgomery. "You have to try it, it’s life-changing."

Montgomery is also a fan of Taco Bell’s chicken quesadilla, but he has a secret ordering hack to make it an even more filling and flavorful experience. “Double chicken on the quesadilla,” he says. “It will change your life.”

You can do that? You sure can!

The chicken quesadilla already has a generous portion of meat, melted three-cheese blend, and creamy jalapeño sauce. A double serving of the grilled chicken does sound like a hack we have to try the next time we place an order.

Montgomery isn’t the only Taco Bell executive who likes to "live más" on a regular basis. Sean Tresvant has been in the role of CEO for several months now and he places his usual order for Taco Bell three to four times a week.

Tresvant is also a fan of the crunchy tacos filled with seasoned beef, crisp lettuce, and shredded cheddar cheese. However, there is a difference in the way these two employees like to indulge a taco craving.

The CEO likes his tacos “supreme” style, prepared with tomatoes and a dab of sour cream along with cheese, lettuce, and a protein. His personal preference includes one beef and one chicken and he rounds out his order with a bean burrito.

There is a Taco Bell in the cafeteria of the chain’s headquarters in Irvine, California where Tresvant gets his daily orders. He also frequently visits the top-secret test kitchen to try new menu items with Liz Matthews, Taco Bell's Chief Food Innovation Officer.

Both Montgomery and Tresvant recommend Taco Bell's current Cantina chicken menu, which features five new dishes: the Cantina chicken burrito, the Cantina chicken taco (available soft or crispy), the Cantina chicken bowl, and the Cantina chicken quesadilla.

The new menu, which is now available nationwide, was announced at Live Más LIVE. Along with new dishes, Taco Bell also revealed that a few discontinued items might return this year, too. It's a smart move by the fast-food company since they saw an increase in sales after bringing back their Mexican Pizza in 2022.

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