Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Its Bestselling Nacho Fries With a Brand-New Sauce

The wait is finally over, people!

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Taco Bell

Taco Bell is making our collective week better by sharing its plans to (finally) bring back its Nacho Fries. And this time, they're sticking around for a while longer.

Taco Bell announced its popular fries, which have made an appearance on its menu more than 10 times over the years, will be back on April 25. And this time, it's coming back as the Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries thanks to a partnership with the hot sauce company, Secret Aardvark.

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"We're thrilled to bring back fan-favorite Nacho Fries for their 11th return, in a whole new way, with an extra flavorful partnership with Secret Aardvark," Liz Matthews, the global food innovations officer at Taco Bell, shared in a press release. "Secret Aardvark's dedication to bold flavors and culinary innovation makes them the perfect partner for Taco Bell and our iconic Nacho Fries. Together, we're taking flavor exploration to new heights, ensuring our fans experience the ultimate taste sensation with every bite."

According to the release, the fries will come seasoned with their familiar Mexican spices, topped with slow-roasted chicken, a three-cheese blend, sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, and pico de gallo, all dippable in Aardvark's sauces made with green tomatoes, roasted tomatillos, and serrano and green habanero pepper flavors, all mixed together with "zesty ranch for an all-new sauce experience bespoke to Taco Bell."

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"This revolutionary partnership heralds a new era of flavor with an innovative blend of heat and zest," Taco Bell added. The brand also noted that the side, which sells for $4.99, will stay on its national menus for its "longest run" to date, but didn't give an exact end date. But, there is one way to get these fries a little early.

"To celebrate this momentous collaboration, Taco Bell and Secret Aardvark are teaming up with Portland-based artist Bryce Wong for a special Tuesday Drop for 300 lucky Fire! Tier Rewards Members on April 23," Taco Bell explained. However, all the exact details are still top secret, so Taco Bell encourages Fire! Tier Rewards Members to open the app on April 23 to learn more.

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"The opportunity to bring Secret Aardvark's finely crafted moxie to the beloved Nacho Fries nationwide is a significant milestone for us," Stacy Mortiz, the owner of Secret Aardvark, added. "The innovative blend of heat and zest in our new Serrabanero Ranch Sauce combined with the iconic Nacho Fries creates an irresistible match made in heaven."

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