Taco Bell ‘At It Again’ With Trio of Crave-Worthy New Additions

Taco Bell reportedly launching three new jarred dips at grocery stores nationwide this summer. ABOVE: Taco Bell restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

Taco Bell has moved on from refreshing its summer menu and is now expanding its lineup of grocery store offerings.

The fan-favorite Mexican-inspired chain reportedly teamed up with Kraft for another round of crave-worthy dips that foodies are already eager to try.

Parade has it on good word that the three new flavors headed to stores include the Spicy Bean Cravings Dip, Creamy Crunch-Drip Supreme and a Saucy Mexican Style Pizza Cravings Dip.

And all of them are already headed to shelves at Taco Bell retailers nationwide, according to a recent Instagram post from food blogger Markie_Devo–who regularly tests out and previews upcoming menu and snack items–captioned, "Kraft and Taco Bell are back at it again with 3 new dips."

The trio of new grocery store options join Taco Bell's previous releases, Salsa Con Queso dip, variety of hot sauces, seasonings mix, as well as its Cravings Kits, taco shells and Fiesta Strips, and variety of bottled sauces (Baja, Chipotle, Spicy Ranchero)–all of which have been made available at Walmart.

Fans of the fast food joint made it known just how excited they are for the lineup, with one cheering, "Mexican pizza sauce! Yassssssss."

"Cant wait to try these cause I love taco bell food so I bet this will be good to," a second comment suggested.


Still, a few others hoped the brand would announce flavors inspired by its other beloved menu items.

"we just want quesadilla sauce 😭," one lamented before another declared, "Nooo!! Give us the avocado salsa from the cantina menu!! @tacobell."

The Instagram influencer later explained in a reply to one would-be consumer that jars of Taco Bell's new dips have already been spotted at select Dollar General locations, adding in a separate comment that they should be available wherever Kraft products are sold.

Neither Taco Bell nor the household condiment brand have officially commented on the new dips.

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