Synesthetic Founder of Bleu Nour Brings Light to the Fragrance World

Blue Nour is redefining the meaning of signature scent with it's first Eau de Parfum collection. Bleu Nour founder, Nour Ibrahim, was born and raised in Paris and was heavily influenced by the MENA region. Outside of this, Ibrahim also has a rare gift called synesthesia; a neurological condition which stimulates multiple senses in unison.

Transforming her multi-sensory, lived experience, Ibrahim develops immaculate fragrances in a league of their own. ⁤These fragrances represent a moment in which everything we embody is and can be a gift. Now, transitioning from her signature oil-based roll-ons into full size bottles, the latest release from the brand comprises four different scents and promises an olfactory adventure.

The scents range from "peeling a zesty juicy mandarin and entering the Eden garden" to "the smell of ashes and gold," according to the press release. ⁤⁤The creation of these scents is symbolic of Bleu Nour's design approach, with the shape of the bottles alluding to rising sci-fi structures and ⁤⁤the chrome design of the product reminiscent of space-age lava lamps from the '80s.

Channeling her superpower synesthetic abilities, Ibrahim can also generate enthralling experiences by translating colors into fragrances. ⁤⁤Thus, Bleu Nour interferes with the conventional organization of the fragrance market, allowing people to meet and experience smells in a new way.

Retailing at $52 USD each, the fragrances can be found on the brand's site.

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