The Trailer Dropped For Sydney Sweeney's New Horror Film, And You Better Be Prepared To Be Scared

Recent queen of the box office, Sydney Sweeney is trading Sydney, Australia (no pun intended) for her sacraments.

Closeup of Sydney Sweeney
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On Jan. 25, the trailer dropped for the actor's latest film, Immaculate.

Poster for "Immaculate"

It's a major tonal departure from her recent hit movie Anyone But You, which was a rom-com set Down Under that she starred in alongside Glen Powell.

Screenshot from "Anyone But You"
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Immaculate is set at an Italian convent, and Sydney plays an American nun who becomes pregnant.

screenshot from "Immaculate"
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The trailer seems to tease the possibility that those of faith around her may be viewing her pregnancy as a virgin birth.

Screenshot from "Immaculate"
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However, all is not well, as evidenced by the bloody images, death, and screaming all evident in the trailer.

Screenshot from "Immaculate"
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There's a lot of Catholic imagery in the trailer, too.

Screenshot from "Immaculate"
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Sydney is also a producer on Immaculate, and the film is directed by Michael Mohan.

Screenshot from "Immaculate"
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Michael previously directed the actor in The Voyeurs and the TV show Everything Sucks!

Sydney Sweeney and Michael Mohan
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So if you're a horror fan, Immaculate might just be for you. (If not, Sydney is also starring in the upcoming superhero film Madame Web.) Immaculate comes to theaters on March 22, and you can watch the trailer below: