'It's child abuse': Sydney mum calls for smoking ban around kids

Sarah Carty

A Sydney mother wants the NSW government to place a ban on smoking around kids.

Nina Belle, who runs the Judgy Mummy blog, decided to start a petition after she was left horrified when she witness three men smoking next to a toddler’s pram outside a shopping centre.

“I believe exposing babies and children to ongoing passive smoke is a form of child abuse,” Nina wrote on her Change.org petition.

Nina Belle wants the NSW government to place a ban on smoking around kids. Photo: Change.org

“The smoke was blowing into the child’s face, and the adults had no regard for their actions,”

“As a mother with a two-year-old, I felt disgusted and appalled that the poor child had to sit there and be exposed to these toxic chemicals. It was completely unfair.”

Nina said she was driving her car when it happened and while she felt like sticking her head out the window and giving the men a piece of her mind, she kept driving and gave them the “death stare”.

However, Nina couldn’t get the incident out of her head and was still thinking about it a week later.

She decided to start the petition because in her opinion, “exposing babies and children to repeated second-hand smoke is a form of child abuse”.

“Children need to be kept safe and have a right to breathe clean air,” she wrote.

“The government needs to intervene and protect our little ones who can't speak up.”

Nina claimed it's a form of 'child abuse'. Photo: Getty Images

Nina went on to claim that “people should be fined if they are found smoking next to children”.

“Parents who expose their children to ongoing second-hand smoke should be held accountable and also provided with ample education and support to quit, including counselling,” she went on.

“In instances where children are suffering severe health effects from their parents’ smoking, including ongoing lung infections and hospitalisations, the NSW Government should take measures to provide a safer living environment for these children.”

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