Sydney bar comes under fire for 'disturbing' cocktail

A bar in an eastern suburb of Sydney has come under fire for a “disturbing” cocktail on their menu.

<em>Source: HBO / Little Jack Horner</em>
Source: HBO / Little Jack Horner

Patrons of Little Jack Horner in Coogee have called out the establishment for a cocktail named ‘To-Kill-Her’ – that appears to be a play-on phrase for the spirit tequila – which is made with orange, lemon, grapefruit bitters, cointreau and tequila.

Many expressed their outrage on the bar’s public Facebook page, branding the name of the drink “grossly irresponsible”.

“The ‘To Kill Her’ cocktail name is neither funny nor clever,” one person wrote. “It is a grossly irresponsible act to have it appear on your menu.

<em>Source: Facebook/Little Jack Horner</em>
Source: Facebook/Little Jack Horner

“Domestic violence and femicide is a real issue, pairing that issue with alcohol is beyond disgusting.”

A similar sentiment was echoed in many other comments.

<em>Source: Facebook/Little Jack Horner</em>
Source: Facebook/Little Jack Horner

One person suggested the bar name the cocktail “after thrilling women rather than killing them”.

Another patron stated a manager assured some customers the name would be altered.

<em>Source: Facebook/Little Jack Horner</em>
Source: Facebook/Little Jack Horner

“We know the manager has told customers that they would change this but yet it hasn’t changed,” she said. “Come on guys? I’m sure you can be just as creative in a positive way that won’t trigger or offend.”

When Yahoo Lifestyle contacted the bar about the outrage, the manager stated the name of the cocktail had be changed to ‘To-Love-Her’.

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