Sweet Potato Is The Unexpected Ingredient For Richer Banana Bread

Close up of sweet potato banana bread slice
Close up of sweet potato banana bread slice - Jessica Morone/Tasting Table

Banana bread is one of the best pastries to enjoy in the morning, especially when it's homemade and fresh. If you agree, it's a good idea to have a preferred banana bread recipe on hand. And, if you want the richest banana bread possible, you have to check out Tasting Table recipe developer Jessica Morone's fluffy sweet potato banana bread.

You're probably wondering why you would put sweet potato in banana bread — after all, it isn't exactly a common ingredient for most banana breads. However, it should be included in more recipes because it positively impacts both the flavor and the texture. As the sweet potato adds richness to the bread, Morone pairs the veggie with sour cream, which is guaranteed to result in a loaf that is super light and fluffy. Plus, the sweet potato gives the bread a more complex flavor, as it brings in a natural sweetness. Meanwhile, another ingredient, maple extract, helps accentuate the sweet flavor of the root vegetable.

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What Else You Need To Know About The Sweet Potato Addition

Overview of mashed sweet potato and ingredients in mixing bowl
Overview of mashed sweet potato and ingredients in mixing bowl - Jessica Morone/Tasting Table

The recipe calls for sweet potatoes that have already been mashed, so you'll need to prepare that before you set out to start the steps for the banana bread. To do this, peel two whole sweet potatoes (which will be a sufficient amount for 1 cup). Then, cook the potatoes either by boiling or microwaving. After the sweet potatoes have been cooked, use a potato masher or fork to get the sweet potatoes to the right consistency.

Once your sweet potato banana bread is cooked and has cooled, you can focus on how you'd like to customize your experience eating the rich, sweet potato-infused banana bread. Perhaps, you'd like to lean into the sweet potato aspect by topping the bread with homemade cinnamon butter, honey butter, or marshmallow toppings as you'd do with a regular sweet potato. Or, for more sweetness, try sprinkling some brown sugar for an extra bite and a textural component.

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