The Swedish Candy You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Swedish candies and zodiac signs
Swedish candies and zodiac signs - Static Media / Shutterstock

The rest of the U.S. is finally catching up with Swedish culture. Not as it pertains to work-life balance, green living, or design, however, but to candy. Long associated solely with the red, fish-shaped, chewy candies known as Swedish Fish, TikTok has opened consumers' eyes to the vast world of Swedish candy, with short-form videos of creators shopping for and taste-testing different candies generating millions of views. Even so, just like how going viral can mean overnight success for restaurants — there have been downsides for Swedish and Scandinavian candy shops in major cities. Longer delivery times and managing candy stocks have proved overwhelming for owners and operators, who have seen their businesses go from niche to mainstream overnight. All the more reason to try to shop intentionally.

Sure, watching someone else taste-test Swedish candies and give their review can be helpful — but what tastes good to them isn't necessarily going to taste the same to you. Just like all of the candies inside of a Swedish candy shop, every person is unique. So what if you could get a Swedish candy recommendation that was tailored to you, and what makes you unique instead? That's where your zodiac sign comes in.

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Dumle candies in wrappers
Dumle candies in wrappers - SiljeAO/Shutterstock

Represented by the ram, Aries aren't afraid to take leaps of faith. As the first signs of the zodiac calendar, the Aries don't have anyone before them to inherit any wisdom or life lessons from — which often means that, in life, they end up learning things the hard way. However, aside from this sign's directness, this can also lend itself to them being particularly hot-headed and competitive people. They don't necessarily care about the details, nor will they consider the alternatives. These signs want what they want, and they want to be the best. If they're not, be prepared to hear about it.

Now, none of this is to say that Aries aren't lovely people to be around. They're incredibly passionate, confident, and ambitious people — and there's no one better to have by your side in a challenging situation. As you read on, you'll come to find every sign has its faults. But, in note of this sign's competitive streak, it only makes sense that the Swedish candy for this sign would also have to be the best. Anything less would be like asking these signs to settle. In so, the Aries' Swedish candy is none other than Dumle Original, which is, uncoincidentally, the Swedish candy Tasting Table named No. 1.

First on the zodiac calendar and first on Tasting Table's ranking of popular Swedish candies from worst to best — Aries wouldn't have it any other way. Just like them, the chocolate-covered caramels live up to the name.


Swedish pink mushroom candies
Swedish pink mushroom candies - sockerbitnyc / Instagram

Tauruses are unique in the fact that they're immovable. You're better off trying to move a mountain than to sway or convince these signs. Known for their stubbornness, Tauruses take their earth sign nature literally — both in the sense of the mountain reference and in their groundedness. The Taurus remains cool and calm in all situations and they're always there to offer their friends, colleagues, and partners sound advice. Considering that, the type of Swedish candy they'd be should take it literally too. That's why, they'd be a candy known in Sweden as skumantereller.

Translated from Swedish to English, the candy's name directly describes its shape and form as a "foamy chantarelle." These candies come in the shape of tiny mushrooms, which not only grow directly from the ground but are known for their earthy, umami flavor. The flavor of skumantereller candies, however, varies drastically from that of a mushroom. Made from marshmallows, these candies are chewy and sweet, but they might not taste like the marshmallows you're used to. Still, that only goes to show how unwilling these signs are to bend to anyone's favor besides their own.


S-Marke Super Surt candy close up
S-Marke Super Surt candy close up - thecandystoresf / Instagram

Even if you do not care about astrology, you've likely heard about Geminis. These signs don't have the greatest of reputations, and that can mostly attributed to the fact that twins represent them. Often symbolized by an image of two masks, people tend to assume these signs are two-faced. The truth is, though, that they're just incredibly social and curious people. The only way for these signs to be and do everything they want is with the help of a twin. That isn't to say these signs don't have their faults, however. As is exemplified in this zodiac sign's Starbucks beverage, the Gemini can be both sour and sweet. That's why, if they were any Swedish candy, they'd be one known as supersurts.

Supersurt, Swedish for "super sour," is a candy distributed by the Swedish company, S-Marke. The chewy gummy candies have been a classic pick-n-mix candy option since the 1960s, however, you can get them by the bag full at Swedish candy shops today. The candies are shaped like flat disks, with large S letters imprinted on the center. Not only are they super sour, and particularly addictive, but they also come in an array of tropical flavors. So, like the Gemini — who can be both youthful and immature, fun and erratic, and intellectual and gossip — they might come off as sour at first, but they follow it up by being sweet. They're the signs people love to hate, but fortunately, their candies have a better reputation.


Sockerbitar candy close up
Sockerbitar candy close up - thecandystoresf / Instagram

Represented by the crab, Cancers tend to put up a cold, hard shell. However, if you're lucky enough to gain their trust, you'll find that these signs are big softies underneath it all. The walls they put up early on in relationships are only meant as self-defense, and the reality is that, underneath them, Cancers are incredibly sensitive, empathetic, and emotional people — almost to a fault. These signs are often accused of being moody and manipulative, however, their loyal, nurturing nature means that can be manipulated by others just as easily. Cancers take on the people they love and care for their emotions as if they were their own. In so, the Swedish candy they'd be is one that represents how soft, yet not soft, they can be.

So, what Swedish candy would that make the Cancer? The answer's almost too obvious: A marshmallow. But not just any marshmallow — a Swedish one, also known as sockerbitar. People are often surprised to find that Swedish marshmallows are much chewier than the fluffy marshmallows they're used to, but that doesn't make them any less loved. The original Swedish marshmallows are so iconic that they've been dawned the namesake of the popular New York City Swedish candy shop, Sockerbit. The candies are small, square, and cute, but a lot chewier than expected, which only goes to show that you shouldn't underestimate these signs. Should you take the Cancer's kindness for weakness, expect payback.


citrus candies close up
citrus candies close up - sockerbitnyc / Instagram

Like the planet that rules them, Leos have a star quality about them. Similarly, they also have a way of thinking the world revolves around them. These signs love the limelight and are by no means shy when it comes to having all eyes on them. While they may come across as braggy and maybe even a little attention-seeking, their loyalty, passion, and sheer love for life make them impossible to ignore. The Leo makes the most out of any situation, and they live every day like it's their last. Born from July to August and ruled by the sun, it's no surprise that Leos are considered the summer babies of the zodiac.

As you get to know Leos and their personalities, that only becomes more apparent — as does the Swedish candy they'd be: Citron-apelsin klyftors. These hard candies are Swedish classics, coming in the shape and flavor of two citrus fruits: Orange and lemon. Used to make everything from lemonade to carrot cake, and from fruit salads to lemon cookies, oranges and lemons bring their bright, sunny flavor to anything and everything — including these candies. Pre-sliced and pre-peeled, these candies bring that pure, peak-season citrus flavor that, like the Leo, is sure to brighten even the cloudiest of days.


opened bag of Bilar candies
opened bag of Bilar candies - Jeppe Gustafsson/Shutterstock

If you need something done, ask a Virgo. Not only are they the most productive of the zodiac signs, but they're also notorious perfectionists. Plus, they're happy to take on any task if it means they get to cross one more thing off of their to-do lists. These signs take joy in the types of small, minuscule tasks most of us despise. Whether it's doing the dishes or submitting that report, a Virgo wouldn't know how to procrastinate something if you asked them to. The Virgo has a gift for taking large jumbles of information or big projects and breaking them down into small tasks. They happily complete the small things because they know that they'll contribute to something much bigger, like a car.

That's right, if the Virgo were any Swedish candy, it'd be one that also taglines itself as the most purchased car in all of Sweden — bilar. Translating, literally, to the Swedish word for "car," these candies have a surprisingly soft, sweet, marshmallowy taste and consistency. While they're not the only vehicle-shaped sweet you'll find inside Swedish candy shops, nothing about them has changed in the last 70 years, which does say something about their production quality. These cars clearly hold their value, and judging by their popularity, they've been made with such a dedication to quality and timeless design that only a Virgo could execute. The way these zodiac signs eat their eggs in the morning only goes to show that, too.


gelehjartan candies close up
gelehjartan candies close up - sockerbitnyc / Instagram

Known as the aesthetes of the zodiac, Libra's eye for balance is most closely related to their roles as talented designers, decorators, art curators, and fashion stylists. But, what most people don't know about these signs is that balance is something they seek to achieve in every aspect of their lives, but their romantic relationships especially. As the only sign represented by an inanimate object — the scale — Libras thrive when they find the kind of companionship with another person that balances them out. But, considering this sign's appreciation for eye candy, that could be anyone.

That being said, there's really only one Swedish candy that the Libra could be, and it's gelehjartan. As the name sounds, these candies come in the form of red gelly hearts. They're a popular mixed-bag option, but you can also find them handmade — which, while no doubt the more expensive candy, these signs are more likely to prefer given their appreciation for the arts. Soft, juicy, and raspberry flavored, these candies offer all the eye candy and romance that these signs crave.


Swedish 'witch scream' candies
Swedish 'witch scream' candies - Angela Emanuelsson/Getty Images

Scorpios have a mysteriousness to them. While they might not be liars per se, they always leave you feeling as if you learned something about them, yet a the same time, nothing at all. It's been said that these signs aren't afraid of the things that most people are — whether that be death, the dark, or pain. In fact, they acknowledge them as necessary parts of life. In some cases, they even seek them out. These signs are interested in all things typically kept under the surface of society, which means they always have something juicy going on in their lives. Their attraction to darkness is simultaneously intimidating yet alluring. It's what gives these signs their association with spookiness — and a Swedish candy to match.

If the Scorpio were any Swedish candy, they'd be kanderade haxrale — a name that translates, roughly, to mean "candied witch scream," "witch screams," or "witch brooms." Whatever one it is, these candies are witchy and dark — two things that are sure to pique the Scorpio's interest. In this treat, rounds of salty black licorice are wrapped around a sweet filling coated in candy sugar, giving them a nice sweet and salty flavor. Just don't eat too many of them, because, like a true scorpion, these candies can be deadly. Adults should be careful not to eat too much dark licorice because it contains a compound that can bring down your heart rate.


Marianne candies in wrappers
Marianne candies in wrappers - SiljeAO/Shutterstock

Represented by the archer, Sagittariuses are considered the adventurers of the zodiac. These signs are adaptable and bold. They see life as a quest for knowledge and their thirst for change and wanderlust means they'll travel far and wide. In the Sagittarius's eyes, every experience — whether it be good or bad — is an opportunity for them to expand their understanding of the world. It's this type of mindset that makes them infectiously positive people, as they know no matter how things pan out, they'll end up landing on their feet. It also makes them big risk-takers. Sagittariuses are big believers in going big or going home, but, fortunately for them, they also happen to be one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. So, more often than not, things work out in their favor.

Knowing that, the Sagittarius would have no hesitancies towards trying Swedish candies. In fact, they'd be the first ones on a plane to get them directly from the source. The specific type of Swedish candy they'd be, on the other hand, is more indicative of their lucky nature. Being the predominant flavor for all the green desserts and drinks served during St Patrick's Day means this sign's Swedish candy would include some form of mint. That, of course, makes this sign's Swedish candy none other than the classic mariannes. These candies have a hard, minty outside with a chocolate flavor, and they'll totally be worth the trip. However, you can order them online.


blackfiskar candies close up
blackfiskar candies close up - sockerbitnyc / Instagram

Fearlessly ambitious, with a limitless resilience, there's no denying the power Capricorns exude. These signs have a unique ability to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity, and they remain determined to overcome anything that stands in the way of pursuing their goals. Paired with this sign's sheer confidence and responsibility, it becomes quite clear why, of all the signs on the zodiac calendar, Capricorns are the most known for being "workaholics." Represented by the sea goat and associated with the knees, it's clear that these signs were born to climb. While they aren't intimidated by long-term goals, nor are they phased in the face of minor distractions, these signs would be able to get a lot more work done quicker, with another set of hands — or four.

Knowing that, the Capricorn's Swedish candy comes in the shape of another friendly sea creature — one a touch less mystical than their associated sea goat, but a lot more handy. That's right, if the Capricorn were any Swedish candy in particular, they'd be the salty, black licorice-flavored octopuses that Swedish candy stores called blackfiskar. The soft gelly texture of these candies makes them extra chewy, and their squid shape means they come with eight arms — something the Capricorn would gladly trade them for if it meant they could get more work done in less time. That way, instead of working late, they could go out and have some fun — a side of them few people get to see.


Swedish chocolates and candies on plate
Swedish chocolates and candies on plate - sockerbitnyc / Instagram

Despite the "aqua" in their names, Aquariuses aren't water signs. They're actually air signs, which only goes to show how far they'll go to evade distinction. Being the humanitarians of the zodiac, there are few things these signs value above equality and philanthropy, but there is one thing that they make apparent — the Aquarius will never sacrifice their individuality. From their funky fashion sense to their out-there opinions, the Aquarius isn't afraid of being controversial if it means they're staying true to themselves. Nor are they intimidated to pick a side, often taking the road less traveled. That's the reason why if they were any Swedish candy, they'd be a chocolate one.

We all know chocolate is a sweet treat, but is it really candy? It's a question many people ask themselves, and the short answer is yes. However, the reasoning here is that it's very different from say Skittles or Gummy Worms. The same thing goes for Swedish candy. As you've probably noticed, most of the candies mentioned here fall into the marshmallow or gummy category — but not the Aquarius's. If this sign were any candy in the Swedish candy shop, they'd be mormor lisas cocos, or grandma Lisa's chocolates. These chocolate truffles are coated in grated coconut flakes, and like the Aquarius, they're nothing like anything else you'll find in the Swedish candy aisle.


colorful marshmallow fish candies
colorful marshmallow fish candies - Wildeside/Shutterstock

Being the last sign on the zodiac calendar, Pisces are the opposite of Aries in the sense that they're believed to be the most spiritually evolved. While the Aries have no sign before them to inherit any wisdom or life lessons from, the Pisces have them all. In turn, they're incredibly intuitive, emotional, and imaginative people. These signs are so imaginative that they struggle to remain present in reality. It's why they're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolizing the constant division of their attention between fantasy and reality. The image is why they're often referred to as the fish of the zodiac, a nickname that's also indicative of their love for subversive experiences, go-with-the-flow attitudes, and, of course, the type of Swedish candy they are.

Before you guess, no, the Swedish candy for the Pisces is not Swedish Fish. While they are Swedish and fish-shaped, there's a similar candy you're much more likely to find inside a Swedish candy shop that's much more fitting for these signs — sur skumfisk. Rather than being red and gummy, these candies are soft and pillowy. The flavor leans much more sour than the Swedish fish candies you might be used to, but, just like these signs should know, it only goes to show that not all things are as sweet as they might look. One life lesson that the Pisces will likely find challenging with these candies, on the other hand, is to try not to over-indulge themselves.

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