Susanne Kaufmann and Byredo collaborate on a limited-edition collection

susanne kaufmann x byredo
Susanna Kaufmann x Byredo is hereCourtesy Susanne Kaufmann

It’s tricky to scale a brand while steering clear of a the mass-market path, but Susanne Kaufmann and Byredo’s Ben Gorham are two founders that have managed to become industry behemoths while staying true to their monolithic visions: the former for sending spa-standard products into bathrooms across the globe, and the latter for bringing rebellion and creativity to the traditionally buttoned-up fragrance industry.

Now, the two founders and friends have joined forces for a rare, ephemeral collaboration. Susanne Kaufmann x Byredo comprises a potent body oil and roll-on perfume oil that seamlessly bring bodycare and fragrance together.

The collection is named after Austria’s Bregenzerwald forest region, the home of Kaufmann’s spa hotel, and where she produces her naturally-led skin and bodycare line. Inspired by the mind-clearing altitudes and crisp air, the scent is a remarkably realistic blend of pine, jasmine and creamy fig.

"Whenever I return from a trip to a big city, the first thing I do is head out into the forest for a walk to clear my mind and reset," says founder and creative director Susanne Kaufmann. "I am always inspired by the scents that fill the air. This collaboration encapsulates everything I love about my home in the Bregenzerwald; the vast array of efficacious natural ingredients we have, the crisp, fresh scent of the Alpine forests that fill the air, and the creative and innovative imaginations of the people who live here."

"Our collaborations at Byredo have focused on brands and people within our immediate community. We have stayed true to this ethos with the work we have done together with Susanne Kaufmann, who we have known as a creator and an entrepreneur for many years," said Ben Gorham, Byredo founder and creative director.

The Bregenzerwald Body Oil is a rich blend of apricot kernel and meadowfoam seed, which sinks into damp skin to leave behind a bracing aroma and lasting moisture. For targeted fragrance top-ups, the Fragrance Oil is designed to be slipped into a bag or pocket and applied whenever you crave a meditative moment. Both products come housed in recyclable glass, printed with sustainable ink and packaged in recycled cardboard.

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