How Survivor's ration diet led to Lydia's 7kg weight loss

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

As a professional sportswoman, Australian Olympic freestyle skier Lydia Lassila knows how her body works and takes good care of it to optimise health and agility. 

But the 36-year-old says that was all out of her control when she appeared on Channel Ten’s Survivor.

Speaking to Be after being booted off last night, the mother of two says she lost seven kilograms within a month as a result of being fed very little during the competition in Fiji.

Survivor Australia star Lydia Lassila has opened up about losing seven kilos while on the show. Photo: Instagram/lydialassila

“I was probably six or seven kilos down from my normal weight which on me is a lot because I’m not very big to begin with,” says Lydia.

As for her diet during Survivor, it’s very minimal and not particularly appetising.

“It’s basically rations of rice and beans,” she explains. “So you get 800 calories a day, then on top of that whatever you can find, so whether it’s coconut or paw paw.

“I was catching a lot of fish and crab and I was trying to eat actually as much coconut as I could because it has a higher fat content.”

The professional skiier says she lost weight after receiving small rations of rice and beans during the competition. Photo: Instagram/lydialassila

Taking to Instagram after her elimination was aired last night, Lydia shared some photos which revealed her changed physique.

I need a feed. Def don’t look healthy here,” she told her followers. 

Last night the reality star was voted out of the competition when other tribe members turned against the alliance she’d made with her.

“Obviously it hurt at the time,” says Lydia, but she understands “it is what it is”.

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