Surprise ‘SNL’ guest Rachel McAdams asks Jacob Elordi for acting advice: ‘Give up’

Jacob Elordi doesn’t know the meaning of rejection, because why would he?

As host of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, the “Euphoria” and “Saltburn” star good-naturedly sent up his heartthrob reputation.

In a sketch with surprise guest Rachel McAdams, he strolled into a class of aspiring actors playing Trevis Von Shaw, a heightened version of himself, and earnestly answered questions about how he got his big break.

“As I walked off the plane (in LA), Selena Gomez walked up to me, said I was gorgeous, and asked me to play her boyfriend in a music video” and that was that, Elordi said.

Another acting hopeful asked him how he coped with rejection, and he sympathetically said, “I feel so dumb right now. I am not familiar with that word. … That’s so sad. Yeah, really, I don’t know anything about that.”

When quizzed on his “audition hacks,” he said he didn’t recognize the word (audition, not hacks) and was shocked to hear it was part of the casting process: “Oh, my God, they make you do that? Dude, I don’t think that’s allowed.”

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McAdams expressed her annoyance at being constantly mistaken for the “Spotlight” star, because “I’m just not really not a fan.” (She also has the inconvenient name of Natalie Portman, er, Partman.) She asked Elordi for what advice he has for an acting hopeful who looks like a famous person.

Elordi’s suggestion to McAdams’ doppelganger: “Give up and stop pursuing a film career.”

McAdams turned up earlier in the show to introduce her “Mean Girls” successor Renee Rapp, aka Regina George in the new movie musical, for Rapp’s performance of “Not My Fault,” her original song in the film. Surprise No. 2: Megan Thee Stallion joined Rapp for the performance!

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In a sketch sending up reality dating shows featuring only short suitors, Elordi showed up as the big twist at the rose, er, crown ceremony.

"I'm from Pittsburgh, I technically still have a girlfriend, and I need to borrow $200,000," he announced, but Chloe Fineman nonetheless quickly abandoned her final three in favor of 6-foot-5 Elordi.

The "Priscilla" actor also showed a (blurred) TikTok clip of the infamous grave sex scene of “Saltburn” and laughed it off when Sarah Sherman told him she saw his movie and thought it was “absolutely gross” – not “Saltburn,” but “The Kissing Booth.”

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