The Super Smart Kitchen Trash Bag Trick We Wish We’d Known About Sooner

Kitchen trash bag hack

There’s a viral “here’s how to replace a trash bag” trick making the rounds on social media—and it just may change everything you thought you knew about this daily household chore.

We've seen it mostly demonstrated on kitchen trash cans, but the tip works for any trash can you're lining. A bunch of people on TikTok and YouTube have been demonstrating this trick in videos that have gotten millions of views altogether. Meaning, lots of us are eager to find out how to make changing a trash bag easier—even if that means facing the realization that we’ve been doing this seemingly easy task all wrong for years.

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How the Viral Trash Bag Trick Works

This trick is pretty simple, in a “why didn’t I ever think of that?” way. Once you take a new garbage bag out of the box, instead of aggressively flapping it around to open it up, you just pull the edges apart and then place the bag over the opening of the trash can upside down. The bag will likely stick up in the air like a top hat at this point – if you’re using the white kitchen bag variety, it may resemble a chef’s hat. Then you just push the trash bag down into the can. If the trash bag has a drawstring or “gripper” design, it can be helpful to pull it tight around the trash can first, so it stays securely in place as you push it down.

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What I Thought About the Viral Trash Bag Trick

I admit, I sometimes enjoy the opportunity to release my frustrations by wildly flinging a trash bag back and forth in an attempt to open it. But putting a trash bag into the can upside down using this “top hat” method is definitely quicker, easier and quieter. I think I may just be a convert.

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