Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Launch Trailer Actually Looks Fun


Rocksteady published their Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launch trailer, and despite some uncertainties around the action game, it looks pretty fun. The brief trailer sets up the Suicide Squad game’s premise and puts Harley Quinn in the spotlight as the group’s leader and chief quipper.

The trailer starts with the Squad summarizing their current situation. They’re let out of supervillain prison for one reason only – to kill the Justice League. It’s hardly a surprise, considering the objective is the game’s subtitle, but the unlikely combination of allies and their mission give Suicide Squad a subversive feel that you don’t normally find in hero games.

While the Justice League is pretty big in the DC universe, it looks like the squad only has four main targets – The Flash, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern.

The launch trailer ignores all the loot-grabbing, stat-grinding stuff that’s given people a poor impression of Kill the Justice League so far and focuses instead on single-target action. That’s probably a good idea, since it also gives us a look at what might be the game’s redeeming features – the environment.

In a few brief shots, we see a complex battle arena full of hazards and traps that you have to navigate around to find your targets or seek cover from bigger dangers. While the game’s questionable parts – including its battle pass, despite Suicide Squad being a paid game – aren’t going anywhere, if the combat is as enjoyable as it looks, maybe Kill the Justice League will be a good time after all.

If it does go over well, we might even get some Arkham Joker-themed DLC further down the line.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League launches on Feb. 2, 2024, for PC and console.

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