Sugarfina's Adorable 2023 Holiday Advent Calendar Already Has A Waitlist

Sugarfina candies advent calendar interior
Sugarfina candies advent calendar interior - Sugarfina

If you grew up receiving an Advent calendar every year around Christmas, then you know the frustrating aspect of the experience lies in the waiting. You patiently open a single door or compartment each day to be meted out a bit of a treat knowing that the sun will have to set and rise again before you can have another. But imagine if you had to wait just to get the whole calendar. That's the situation Sugarfina fans are facing, as the gourmet candy maker announced that its 2023 Advent calendar already has a waitlist.

It shouldn't come as a surprise given that the past three Advent calendars released by Sugarfina have sold out. All the same, the company behind such glam candies as Champagne Bears and vodka-infused gummies has an ongoing waitlist for those that want to score one of this year's offerings. As the company explained to Tasting Table, it only gets so many in stock at once, and those go very quickly. Customers can then join the waitlist to be notified as soon as a new batch of calendars is available for purchase.

The calendars, which count down the 24 days before Christmas, come in the shape of a workshop, but not Santa's legendary toy workshop. Sugarfina is offering a peek inside "Santa's Candy Shop" with 24 drawers each revealing either a new item or a returning favorite like Santa's Trees, Little Snowmen, Merry Berries, and Candy Cane Caramels, according to a press release.

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An Interactive Candy Calendar

Sugarfina 2023 advent calendar exterior
Sugarfina 2023 advent calendar exterior - Sugarfina

In addition to the sweet treats, the 2023 Sugarfina Advent calendar features an extra participatory experience for kids and the like who have already retrieved their Christmastime treat. Once a particular drawer has been pulled out, it should be turned around and reinserted in its slot. This will reveal a "candy cube" design that represents another full shelf of sweet goodies for Santa's shop, which will be filled by the time Christmas arrives.

"We are thrilled to offer a new interactive design for this year's Advent Calendar," said Scott LaPorta, CEO and Co-Investor of Sugarfina, in the press release. "Counting down the days until Christmas is a joyous experience, and Sugarfina looks forward to making the tradition even sweeter."

Sugarfina tends to go big around holidays. For the 2022 holiday season, the company released three different Advent calendars. Customers could choose from a modest 12 Days of Christmas option, a classic gingerbread house motif, or a Christmas carousel complete with LED lights and a motor to spin it. The fun is not just limited to Christmas, though. Halloween of 2022 saw Sugarfina roll out such ghoulish delights as Sugar Skulls, gummy Zombie Brains, Graveyard Cookies, and Apple Frogs.

If you'd like to get your hands on Sugarfina's 2023 Advent calendar, visit the company's website to check current availability or add your name to the waitlist.

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