Subway Is Giving Away Free Footlongs This Month

There's not much we love more than a good BOGO deal.


Not long ago (last month, in fact), Subway gave us free footlong sandwiches for a week, and many of us gladly participated in the chain’s stellar BOGO deal. Subway is back at it, but this time, its free footlong deal lasts longer than before, giving us sub-sandwich lovers more time to devour our free food.

Subway’s BOGO Footlong Deal

Subway is offering another BOGO deal for sandwich lovers to feast on this month. From now until May 13, you can buy one footlong and get another free.

This deal is only available for online orders. To nab this deal, you'll need to order your sandwich on either the Subway app or website and enter "FLBOGO" when prompted for a promo code at check-out. You can pick up your order or get it delivered if you don't feel like leaving your home.

Since footlong subs at Subway typically average around $10 each, getting two for the price of one is a fantastic deal. From classic subs like the Cold Cut Combo and Steak & Cheese to the newer Subway Series offerings, there's something for everyone on the menu.

The free sub will either be the same price as the one you purchased or for lesser value but no higher, and sadly, Footlong Sidekicks are not included. But with a deal this good, you can afford to add on a footlong churro for an extra $2 without feeling too guilty about it. This BOGO deal is only good for one order per person and is offered only in the U.S. 

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