Subway Is Adding Another First-of-Its-Kind Footlong

No, it’s not a sandwich.

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Subway is known for its footlong sandwiches stuffed with cold cuts, grilled meats, and everything in between. You can choose a classic, like the Meatball Marinara or roast beef, or a special Subway Series offering, such as cheesesteak, Italiano, or club.

Now, there is a new item to consider. It’s not a sandwich per se, but more of a snack that helps feed that carb craving (whether sweet or savory).

Subway’s New Footlong Dippers

Last year, Subway launched its new footlong Sidekick lineup, featuring footlong salted pretzels and churros. Now, the sandwich giant is expanding the collection with footlong Dippers.

The popular Instagram food trend account snackolator spotted the first-of-its-kind footlong offerings online. They posted, "This was from an ad that was being run in a test market for these dippers and they came in three varieties: Pepperoni & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, and Double Cheese."

The post goes on to say that each Dipper features "the new Lavash bread that all Subway wraps are now using and have the ingredients rolled up and the cheese melts inside to give you a nice, gooey snack kind of like the Taco Bell cheesy roll-ups."

Some amped fans commented: "EXCITED" and "I swear I saw a sign for these at our local Subway already!"

According to the post, these new footlong Dippers may also be priced at just $3 each when they arrive at participating locations, making these just a dollar less than the Sidekicks. When that might be is anyone's guess, but everyone is hoping to find them very soon nationwide.

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