How to Style Curb Chain Jewelry, According to Stylists

Styling hacks ahead.

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If there's one thing I always turn to in my closet to spice up an outfit, it's a statement necklace. Curb chain jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, which can totally elevate your look. Whether you have a casual or dressy outfit, curb chain jewelry is a bold way to complete your ensemble.

“For me it's a resurgence in popularity of jewelry featuring interlocking curb chains, known for their timeless appeal and edgy sophistication,” says Philippe Uter, celebrity fashion stylist.

In need of some jewelry styling inspiration? Check out these fashion stylist-approved curb chain jewelry styling hacks and our favorite styles to shop.

How to Style Curb Chain Jewelry

From thin necklaces to chunky bracelets, there are many variations of curb chain jewelry. "Whether in bracelet or necklace form, curb chain jewelry is a versatile piece that can add a little edge to any outfit," says Corina Gaffey, fashion stylist. These chunky gold necklaces can be seen everywhere, from the runway to everyday wear.

“I do love a gold extremely chunky choker, but it depends on the person and her neck. Otherwise easier and for men and women this time, I do love to stack paved and multi-color curb chains,” says Uter.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling curb chain jewelry. From proportions to mixed metals, curb chain jewelry usually becomes the focal point of the outfit. Follow these tips to incorporate curb chain jewelry into your outfits.

  • Chunky Bangles: Gaffey has seen a resurgence of chunky bangles in fashion. Her personal favorite combination is an oversized masculine watch layered with chunky bangles. Opt for a sleeveless black dress outfit to show off your arm candy.

  • Mixed Metal Look: Add contrast to your look by layering gold and silver necklaces. Gaffey uses chunky and delicate pendant combinations when layering necklace chains. Pair with a basic white tee and denim jeans to make the mixed metal necklaces the focus of the outfit.

  • Chunky Chains and Cardigans: Pair chunky jewelry underneath a cardigan or blazer to spice up your outfit. The chunky jewelry peeking underneath a cardigan or blazer makes for a bold yet subtle look. Pro-tip: Gaffey says to wear a shorter chain or choker necklace style when wearing a cardigan or blazer so it's proportional.

  • T-Shirt and Chains: Necklace length is very important when it comes to styling curb chain jewelry. Gaffey suggests longer chunky chains when styling with a t-shirt. Playing with proportions is key to create interest in your outfit and draw attention to this daring accessory.

Where to Shop

"You can shop curb chain jewelry everywhere, from high-end to [affordable options], but vintage jewelry shops are a great place to pick up unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that have character. I think the more worn the better with chunky chain curb jewelry as it gives that lived-in feel," says Gaffey.

Whether you're looking for a chunky curb chain necklace or a thin curb chain bracelet, here are some of our favorite curb chain jewelry styles.

  • Thick Curb Chain Necklace: This curb chain necklace style by Banana Republic ($48, is a shorter, chunky style. This makes for a bold statement necklace and pairs well with a plain white tee, so the necklace can be the main focus of the look.

  • Minimalist Curb Chain Necklace: If you're not ready to commit to the chunky curb chain jewelry trend, look for a smaller chain. Ana Luisa Curb Chain Necklace ($52, is perfect for all the minimalists wanting to participate in this trend.

  • Long Curb Chain Necklace: Flaire & Co.'s Unisex Thin Curb Chain Necklace ($23, is an affordable yet stylish curb chain necklace option. The style is great for layering multiple necklaces with its thin chain and longer length.

  • Classic Bracelet: This bracelet style by Amazon Essentials ($13.58, is perfect for everyday wear. With two colorway and chain thickness options, this affordable option can be personalized to your wardrobe needs. If you love to stack bracelets, mix and match the metals and chain styles.

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