Hungover student sparks Coronavirus panic on international flight

Penny Burfitt
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UK student Julia Walentin's boozy night out landed her in quarantine. Photo: Instagram/walentinjulia

A tourist who caused pandemonium on board an international flight after her hangover symptoms were confused for the Coronavirus has been released after a seven-day quarantine.

26-year-old Julia Walentin and her friend Dina boarded a Singapore Airlines flight to London after spending a very boozy final night enjoying Singapore together when they decided to attempt an upgrade with disastrous consequences.

The student asked cabin crew for paracetamol and a place to lie down, telling them she felt ‘unwell’ which sparked something of a panic on board.

Julia (left) and Dina (right) were held on the plane then transferred to an isolation unit. Photo: Instagram/walentinjulia

"I tried to explain that I was just tired and hungover but they moved everyone on my row away and made me lie down,” she told The Sun.

“They also asked me to put a mask on and started taking my temperature but the readings were really up and down.”

Despite the Swedish national’s protests, the airline had to follow procedure, and the plane was held up upon arrival, and the two women detained in quarantine for over a week, including isolation in an official residence followed by self-isolation at home.

Julia and Dina had spent their holiday in Cambodia. Photo: Instagram/walentinjulia

The embarrassed traveller was returning to her home in South London after a trip to Cambodia, and said the pair had initially planned to visit China but changed their plans because of the virus.

Wild night of drinking leads to blunder

Footage from the night before shows the cause of the hangover. Photo: Instagram/walentinjulia

The virus clearly wasn’t done derailing the pair’s vacation however, after the wild night of drinking lead to the embarrassing misunderstanding.

Saved content on her Instagram hilariously details the evening before the flight, with one video showing Julia draining the contents of a huge glass of beers in video captioned, ‘I’m drunk’.

The next video shows Julia bleary-eyed, her face hidden by the mask the airline made her wear with the caption, “never travel hungover kids’.

Julia was forced to wear a mask and isolate herself on the flight. Photo: Instagram/walentinjulia

Julia told The Sun the pair were met by medical officers in hazmat suits, and left in compelte isolation for days, during which they ironically drowned their sorrows with a case of corona beer, before finally being allowed to return home.

Just yesterday, on Tuesday evening, the shame-faced traveller let her growing number of followers know she had finally been cleared via Instagram

“I’m free,” she wrote alongside a selfie snapped in the sunshine.

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