Couple's 'creepy' miniature engagement shoot goes viral

Kristine Tarbert
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A couple decided to do something different for their engagement shoot. Photo: Getty

A couple’s rather random engagement photoshoot has gone viral, leading to divided opinions online with some people saying they love them, while others admitted they were left scratching their heads.

Shared to a wedding shaming group on Facebook, the unique photoshoot, featuring miniature humans, Woody from Toy Story, and some barbed wire, definitely caused some discussion online.

“Which one do you think should be their save the date?” the poster asked alongside the four images, which show the couple shrunk to ‘toy’ size in some photos.

Photos of the shoot were shared on a wedding shaming group. Photo: Facebook

“What a cute edit,” one fan responded.

“I love this,” another agreed.

Most people agreed they quite liked the photo featuring the engagement ring.

But as for some of the others, the barbed wire one in particular, left most thinking the shoot was “creepy” and “grim”.

“I like the ring. The others are creepy to me,” one person wrote.

“I like [the ring one] a lot, the others not so much.”

“I just don’t understand,” another admitted.

Not sure about this one? Photo: Facebook

And then there were the Toy Story fans who stood up to defend everyone’s favourite sheriff Woody, after the groom-to-be pretended to kicked him in another shot.

“After all we’ve been through,” one fan shared.

Toy Story fans stepped in to defend Woody. Photo: Facebook

Why the groom felt the need to defend himself from Woody is unclear. However it seems the couple are huge fans of the Toy Story world.

Whether it was a good idea for an engagement shoot however remains to be seem.

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