Give Store-Bought Frosting A Homemade Texture By Fluffing It Up

cupcake being iced with yellow sprinkles
cupcake being iced with yellow sprinkles - Marie C Fields/Shutterstock

Store-bought frosting makes it easy to put the finishing touch on a homemade cake or a batch of cupcakes, regardless of whether your baked goods are made from scratch or out of a box. Since it's as easy as opening a container and spreading it onto a cooled cake, you might want to put a unique twist on the pre-made icing. Of the various ways any home cook or amateur baker can elevate store-bought frosting, fluffing (or whipping it) with a staple kitchen appliance is a nearly effortless way to enhance its texture.

This trick is for any fans of store-bought whipped icing. The package for many brands of store-bought icing says to stir with a spoon, but you can make it fluffier with your standing mixer or hand mixer. The use of a high-speed mixer will incorporate air into the icing, making it fluffy and light. The textural change will also make it easier to work with and spread onto your cake or other baked treats. It can even give you more icing to work with — and potentially even double it so one can of icing will go much further with this one easy step.

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Whipping Icing Only Requires A Couple Of Minutes

Whipping icing in bowl
Whipping icing in bowl - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

Start with a container of icing, and empty either into a bowl if you want to use a hand mixer or in the bowl of your standing mixer to make it even easier. It should only take two to three minutes to fluff the frosting unless you want to fluff two containers at once. A hand whisk would make this easy trick a bit difficult, but you thin it out with a splash of whipping cream first then give it a try.

It's literally as easy as that, but while you're at it, there are a few other ways to improve any store-bought frosting. For starters, add powdered sugar for added sweetness. This is also an ideal time to squirt in food coloring to give a pop of color for a festive flare. And since we've been discussing texture, whip in some crushed nuts or crumbled candy for bites of crunch in your whipped frosting.

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