Stone Nails Are the Hottest Nail Color of the Season, According to TikTok

This cool neutral mani is gracing nails everywhere.

<p>Dariia Chernenko/Getty Images</p>

Dariia Chernenko/Getty Images

The famous Devil Wears Prada line, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!” comes to mind every time the weather turns from icy to warm. Come springtime, countless people run to the pastel aisle and sashay under the sunshine in petal prints—but not this year. At least not where nail trends are concerned. According to TikTok, the It nail trend of the season is all about muted, cool tones a la “stone nails.”

“The stone nail trend tends to feature a deep gray with a subtle midnight blue undertone finished by a glossy finish, or in a lighter gray hue,” notes Lianne Morse, beauty trend expert for BeautyGARDE. The trend was made popular by TikTok megastar Alix Earl, who declared she was “in her gray era” in a video documenting the mani where she decided to embrace the unexpected, stoney hue.

Picking the Perfect Gray for Your Stone Nails

As you can see from Alix’s video, finding the perfect gray color for her stone nails took some time. She pulled at least six different shades of gray, truly leaving no stone-colored polish left unturned at the salon. Ultimately, though, the winner was OPI’s Suzi Talks With Her Hands ($11.99, Amazon), which the brand describes as “a stand-alone gray nail polish that has the dramatic look you want.”

Some other great options include Deborah Lippmann Grey Day Full Coverage Cool Gray Creme Polish for a more blue-leaning tone ($20, Deborah Lippmann), Essie Without a Stitch for a lighter shade of gray ($10, Essie), and CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish in Asphalt for a darker option ($10.58, Target).

There are no hard rules, but if you’re struggling to find a flattering gray fit then consider your undertones. Polishes with a naturally cool undertone may suit cool skin tones better, while those that lean slightly warmer might look more flattering on warm skin tones.

How to Get Stone Nails

The beauty of stone nails lies in its simplicity. Perfect for minimalists, thus unfussy mani starts with a well-manicured base that’s been properly buffed, filed, and shaped. An almond or coffin shape lends itself nicely to the stone nails trend, but you can rock this look with any shape, long or short.

From there, Morse says to “apply a thin layer of a base coat of your choice” to help set the stage. “Once your base coat is completely touch dry, opt for a neutral gray polish of your choice. Paint two to three thin coats, allowing them to be completely touch-dry in-between layers.”

Once your polish is dried (or cured if you’re using gel polish), set it with a thin top coat. The standard is to go with a glossy finish, but Morse says you can switch things up by going matte instead. Make sure to moisturize your cuticles afterward and on an ongoing basis to keep your nails healthy, hydrated, and looking great. 

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