Steve Irwin's dad wants to see Bindi and Bob before he dies

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They’re one of Australia’s most loved family’s, but even the Irwin’s aren’t immune from drama.

Despite falling out with his son’s wife Terri, and losing contact with his grandkids Bindi and Bob, it seems Steve’s dad is hoping he’ll get a chance to repair the damage — before it’s too late.

Ahead of his 80th birthday next year, Bob senior is apparently feeling reflective and has told close friends he wants to see his grandkids “before he dies”.

Steve’s dad Bob, pictured right with Terri and kids Bindi and Bob in 2006, reportedly wants to mend the rift between them before he dies. Source: Getty

“Bob doesn’t want to go to his grave with bitterness — and he doesn’t want them to live with regrets,” a friend told Woman’s Day.

“Regardless of the bad blood between Steve’s wife Terri and bob, those two kids need to sit down with their grandfather and allow him to pass over to them their father’s great legacy,” the friend added.

Steve’s dad has reportedly said he wants to see his grandkids again before he dies. Source: Instagram/BindiIriwin

While Bob senior feels it may be time to bury the hatchet, it’s unclear what Terri and the kids think of it all.

Bindi, now 19, has previously spoken out about the rift, saying he “distanced himself from everything that dad loved the most” in an interview with the Daily Mail Australia.

“Everyone deals with grief differently,” she told them back in 2015. “When my dad passed away he chose to distance himself from everything that dad loved the most.”

And Terri, 53, recently spoke out about how they all dealt with the grief of losing Steve in 2006, when he lost his life in a tragic stingray accident while filming at The Great Barrier Reef.

Steve passed away in 2006, after which time Bindi said their grandfather pulled away as he dealt with his grief. Source: Instagram/BindiIrwin

“I think Bindi grasped it, she understood…” she said during an appearance on Anh’s Brush With Fame. “But it was harder with Robert. He just wasn’t connecting.”

Both Bindi and fourteen-year-old Bob have carried on their dad’s work, with both growing up to be fiercely passionate wildlife warriors.

Steve’s dad revealed in his autobiography two years ago that he missed his two grandkids greatly and said how proud of them he was.

“While I haven’t seen them for a number of years, I will always feel proud standing on the sidelines and watching them succeed,” he wrote in The Last Crocodile Hunter: A Father And Son Legacy. 

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