Ryan Michelle Bathé Shared A Thirst Trap Of Sterling K. Brown Jumping In An Ice Cold Pool, And Broke The Internet

Sterling K. Brown did a cold plunge in his undies, and yes, it's all on camera.

Closeup of Sterling K. Brown
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Recently, actor Ryan Michelle Bathé, 47, shared a TikTok video of her husband, 47, with the caption, "Just another morning at the Brown residence #arcticplunge thanks for the inspo @Chris Hemsworth," and the truth is she's the one we should be thanking.

Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathé
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Ryan and the American Fiction actor have been together since 1998 and were married in 2006. They share a love for acting. They share two children, Andrew and Amaré. The pair even shared the screen in shows like Army Wives and This Is Us.

Ryan Michelle Bathé and Sterling K. Brown
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Now, the latest Ryan + Sterling collaboration is a thirst trap inspired by the Limitless with Chris Hemsworth episode where he strips down for an "Arctic Plunge."

closeup of Chris Hemsworth

It's Season 1, Episode 2, "Shock" streaming on Disney+. You're welcome.


To understand what you're about to experience, let's recap some celebrity wives who love to tease the world with their hot hubbies. We had Blake Lively posting thirst traps of Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds in the gym

We had Victoria Beckham posting thirst traps of David Beckham.

We also had Sarah Roemer posting thirst traps of Chad Michael Murray.

In this new thirst trap video, Ryan showed off Sterling literally on edge in a pair of colorful skivvies. "The pool is unheated. It's around maybe 50 or 40 something," he said.

Sterling K. Brown standing by his pool

Yes, it's "around maybe 50 or 40 something," and it's looking good. Wink. Wink.

@ryanmichellebathe /

"I don't know why I'm doing this, to be honest," he added. "I saw Chris Hemsworth swim in the Arctic. That water is, like, 34 degrees."

Closeup of Sterling K. Brown in his underwear
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Then Sterling got into position for the plunge. "It's not pleasant!" he shouted.

"It's not pleasant!"

Are you sure it's not pleasant, sir?

@ryanmichellebathe /

And then he warned everyone not to judge his reactions. "I'm going to make some sounds I'm not proud of. I ask that you please don't judge me."

"I'm going to make some sounds I'm not proud of."

Same, Sterling. Same.

@ryanmichellebathe /

Just before he jumped in, he raised his hands and said, "Thank you, Father."

"Thank you, Father"

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

@ryanmichellebathe /

He finally jumped in as Ryan hilariously hyped him up in the background.

Sterling K. Brown jumping into his pool
@ryanmichellebathe /

With every little swim, Sterling adorably whimpered, "Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy."

"Oh boy!"

I also whimpered "Oh boy" a couple of times, tbh.

@ryanmichellebathe /
"It's very cold!"
@ryanmichellebathe /

And just when you thought it was over, he exited the pool in his now soaking-wet underwear, and Ryan kept the camera rolling.

Sterling K. Brown in his underwear

Bless her heart.

@ryanmichellebathe /

This is the adorable face of someone who knew they would break the internet.

Closeup of Ryan Michelle Bathé
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Here are the best reactions to Sterling K. Brown being the current thirst trap champion:

"Ok Sterling Brown giving body ody ody!"
@ryanmichellebathe /
"No disrespect, Sterling looking goodt!"
@ryanmichellebathe /
@ryanmichellebathe /

Twitter: @twosipstimi

Sterling K Brown is one FIONNNEEEEEE man"
@ryanmichellebathe /

Twitter: @xbparodeez

"Hhhooo boy!"
@ryanmichellebathe /
"Didn't Chris have on a whole wetsuit?"
@ryanmichellebathe /

Twitter: @ImJustBrittney

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I'm crossing my fingers that this will become a trend.

Eva Mendes, Emily Blunt, Jessica Biel, and Leighton Meester. You're up.