You Need To Start Making Your Scrambled Eggs Hong Kong-Style

Hong Kong-style scrambled eggs on milk toast
Hong Kong-style scrambled eggs on milk toast - KokoFoundIt/Shutterstock

With their fluffy texture and rich aroma, scrambled eggs are perfect for those days when you want a quick, filling meal. The best part is that you only need a few other ingredients, such as butter, milk, and salt, to make this dish taste amazing. However, if you're feeling creative, try new ingredients for extra flavor. Mix eggs with soy sauce or mayo, top them with hot sauce, or add grated ginger for a spicy kick. Better yet, see how scrambled eggs are enjoyed around the world — and recreate your favorite recipes.

For example, in China, people turn scrambled eggs into protein-packed sandwiches with a velvety, smooth texture by adding beef and serving them on pillowy-soft milk bread. The recipe is commonly known as Hong Kong-style scrambled eggs and can be customized to anyone's taste. For example, depending on your preferences, you can substitute canned meat for corned beef, swap the oil for lard, or use pineapple buns instead of regular bread. While you can switch up the base recipe, what matters with this scramble is the technique. Cooking over residual heat, tilting the pan, and stacking the eggs in the center creates a unique, softly scrambled texture.

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How To Make Hong Kong-Style Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs with beef
scrambled eggs with beef - Tamer Adel Soliman/Shutterstock

Hong Kong-style scrambles are made with corn or potato starch, which gives them a thicker texture than other types of scrambles. Apart from that, Hong Kong-style eggs may contain beef satay or corned beef, evaporated milk, butter, salt, white pepper, and other ingredients. For example, some people also add sesame oil, sugar, or chives to the mix. The finished product is mild and subtle, with a hint of sweetness.

One way to prepare this beloved breakfast dish is to mix some eggs with sesame oil, potato starch, evaporated milk, and other seasonings to taste. Meanwhile, sear the corned beef in a different pan and break it into pieces with a fork or knife. If you prefer canned meat, cut it into cubes and brown it lightly in a skillet. Combine with the egg mixture, pour it into a smoking hot pan that has been taken off the heat, and cook until it reaches a silky, fluffy consistency.

To achieve the sandwich aspect, place the stacked scrambled eggs between two slices of toasted (or untoasted) milk bread, cut it in two, and serve it warm. Alternatively, you can substitute classic American white bread, keema naan bread, sweet buns, or scallion pancakes instead of milk bread.

Add Your Own Twist To This Delicious Egg Recipe

scrambled eggs in tortilla wraps
scrambled eggs in tortilla wraps - MSPhotographic/Shutterstock

This savory dish tastes great in its traditional preparation, but you can add your own twist to Hong Kong-style scrambled eggs or try different versions. For example, some chefs stir chicken powder into the egg mixture, which gives it a deep, rich flavor. Another option is to swap ham for corned beef or luncheon meat to achieve that sought-after umami taste. Also, you can skip the bread entirely or serve the scramble inside toasted tortilla wraps to cut back on carbs.

Some claim a spoonful of mayo is the secret to perfectly scrambled eggs, so reach for some eggy Japanese Kewpie mayo for a more luxurious scramble. For an earthy aroma, drizzle truffle oil over the eggs before serving. Alternatively, add a pinch of curry powder for a spicy kick, or top your Hong Kong-style scramble with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes to impart a Mediterranean twist. On a similar note, stir a couple of teaspoons of pesto into the eggs while cooking to infuse them with a rich, herbaceous flavor.

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