Stars of Breath on their bromance with Simon Baker

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Simon Baker may be loved the world over for his handsome looks and top notch acting skills.

But two Aussie surfers told Be they affectionately know the Hollywood star as a fellow wave catcher, after forming a bromance whilst starring together in the movie, Breath.

Ben Spence, 17, and Samson Coulter are the two teens at the centre of Simon’s first directing job, the on screen take of Tim Winton’s novel about two young surf fanatics trying to navigate themselves through the choppy waters of life. 

The stars of Breath have formed an adorable bromance with their director and co-star Simon Baker. Source: Supplied

Talking about their time working with the “big shot” movie star, 18-year-old Samson reveals they bonded over the fact he’s a normal bloke.

“He’s just a surfer, you know,” the Manly native said. “He’s not really, well he is a bit of a big shot, but you wouldn’t know it if you bumped into him down at the bakery.”

The trio bonded while working on the surf based movie that Simon stars in and directed. Source: Roadshow

“He’d probably just order a pie and a chocolate milk and just sah, ‘How ya going?’ he continued, much to the amusement of the 48-year-old and his co-star.

With their bromance clear to see as they talked to Be ahead of the movie’s release in June, the trio explained that the inside joke about bumping into Simon at “The Bakery” was born from his surname and the in-depth guidance he gave them on set.

Simon can be seen fussing over Ben’s tie at the Sydney premiere of Breath recently. Naww. Source: Getty

Especially for Samson — who plays the lead role of Pikelet — who as well as being his first ever acting gig, had to film multiple sex scenes with Elizabeth Debicki.

“He’s just honest and I always felt comfortable having a chat when things got tricky, like when we got to the end of the script and the story started to go in that direction,” he said.

“When I was getting a bit stressed it was always good to know that I could have a chat with him and go down ‘The Bakery’,” he finished.

Simon chose two Aussie surfers who had never acted before to star in the movie. Source: Roadshow

Simon also appears in the movie, in the supporting role of Sando, a world-class surfer who takes the boys under his wings and teaches them how to seek out the tantalising thrill of a mega wave.

But what does The Mentalist star think of his new nickname?

“I like it,” he laughed. “I’ll meet you down at The Bakery any time mate.”

Naww, these guys are giving us all the feels.

Catch Breath from May 3 across Australia.

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